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CIFE Policy Papers 2024


The EU AI Act: State of Play and the Potential for Regulatory Globalisation, Aysenur Alma

Abstract: In her Policy Paper, Aysenur Alma gives an overview of the state of play of the upcoming EU AI Act within the legislative process. Since the Commission's proposal in April 2021, the proposal has undergone the ordinary legislative procedure. Last month, a provisional agreement was achieved in the trilogue negoations of the Parliament and the Council. Moreover, the final text has been sent to the member states. Thus, a final adoption is soon to be accomplished. The regulation is not only awaited within Europe but is also expected to have extra-territorial reach.

ALMA Aysenur Berin CIFE Nice EU AI Act Trilogue negotiation Globalisation 2024


The EU Electricity Market Reform and the Protection of Consumers: A Move Towards a More Ambitious Approach?, Rachel Guyet

Abstract: The energy price crisis in the winter 2022-2023 acted as a wake-up call for the European institutions to reform the electricity market in order to stabilise the prices and shield consumers from price volatility. The provisional reform agreement concluded by the Council and the Parliament in December 2023 improves the protection of final consumers, including the vulnerable consumers and households exposed to energy poverty. This is a step in the right direction but more needs to be done to address inequalities in the access to affordable energy services for all.

Rachel Guyet Energy Poverty Trilemma CIFE


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