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Emre GÜR is a graduate of the Institut européen des Hautes Etudes Européennes et Internationales (IEHEI) as well as of Marmara University Public Administration Department.
He started his career with intensive work in the Civil Society network between Turkey and EU, and has contributed to various projects within this framework. He worked at Bahcesehir University, in charge of cooperation with CIFE, followed by a traineeship at the Directorat General Europeaid of the European Commission in Brussels.
Currently, he is the managing partner of Barem Consultancy, representative of CIFE in Turkey, and consultant & trainer on Project Management and PCM. He has working and teaching experience also on Civil Society Organisations Management, EU Development Policies, Funding and Networking and various related topics.
He is the Secretary General of Turkey Europe Foundation and member of its board.
In the framework of the MAEIS, he is in charge of a workshop on Project Cycle Management.

 Labour Structure of Turkish Hospitality Market (2012)
 Progress of Freedom of Association in Turkey: An observation from EU Progress Reports (2013)
 Op-Ed at L’Europe-en-Formation No:367:137  : “Erdogan’s Historic Achievement: Provoking The Most Heteregenous Opposition Movement in the World” (2013)
 Youth Policies in Europe (soon to be published - 2014)

Policy Papers
 N° 31 (CIFE 2016) Turkey in the changing world; what to expect in 2016 

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