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CIFE is an institute of high level academic teaching, on European and international relations, in politics, economy, social and cultural affairs, governance and federalism – all topical subjects for reflection and research, and CIFE is reinforcing its longstanding character as a think-tank in these fields. A CIFE research department has been put in place in 2014, and since then develops its activities around five pivotal fields:

1. Policy papers, published twice a month, by the members of CIFE Research team and guest authors;
2. Annual Symposiums on topic issues of European integration, international relations and societal developments;
3. Research and publication projects, involving fund raising, organising research consortia, and publishing relevant books;
4. Continuing publishing and reinforcing the academic quality of CIFE's quarterly, "L'Europe en formation";
5. Enlarging the academic and scientific network of CIFE, establishing new partnerships with think tanks, research institutes, universities and individual researchers all over the world.