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Junjie MA CIFE Alumus US Department IAF

Junjie MA is a CIFE alumnus of the Master in Advanced European and International Studies, Anglophone Branch (2011-2012).
He is a researcher of economics at Unirule Institute of Economics in Beijing, China. He is a proud alumnus of the US Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), and a two-time alumnus of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom's IAF programs.
He's a columnist at China Business Journal and The Economic Observer, two of China's top economic and financial newspapers.
He recently translated the title "Modern Social Conflict" by Sir Ralf Dahrendorf, and "If You Are So Smart" by Professor Deirdre N. MaCloskey.
His research interests range from international relations and political economy, China's economic and political reforms, to climate change policy.

Some selected publications:

"The Saint in the Office: How to Help the Government to be Right", CIFE Policy Paper, 17 March 2017

"Mission Possible: China’s Climate Change Policy after the Paris Agreement" in L’Europe en formation n° 380 Quarterly 57th year - Summer 2016

"China and the EU to Lead International Efforts on Climate Change Mitigation. The Chinese and the EU ETS" in L'Europe en Formation n°370 - 2013/4


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