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CIFE’s Short Programmes

The Summer University Programme


The Summer University programme

The summer courses

The summer courses are among the activities CIFE has been organising for the longest period of time – the first summer university took place in 1961, in Aoste, Italy.

​Numerous other summer programmes have since then followed, taking place in various countries, in particular in Eastern Europe. Given the growing success of these sessions, and in response to demand from interested countries, CIFE has decided to set up a regular summer university programme.

The programme is dynamic and new projects respond to a constant need for information and reflection on topical subjects requiring in-depth knowledge.

CIFE coordinates these sessions alone or in cooperation with one or several partners in each host country.

Overseas University Programmes

Overseas University Programmes

The Overseas University Programme (OUP) is the umbrella term for CIFE‘s academic programmes with partner universities in China and the United States. These programmes have historically evolved from fruitful academic personal contacts of CIFE researchers into long-lasting institutional cooperation formats.

​The partner institution in the United States is Texas A&M University. CIFE’s cooperation with Texas A&M began in 2011, having been established on personal grounds long before. The cooperation consists of the yearly Summer School Summer European Academy (SEA) and two former programmes, the Danube Summer Institute (DSI) and the European Semester. They offer undergraduate students of political science and related disciplines at Texas A&M the opportunity to spend several weeks in Europe and learn about the European integration process through lectures with experienced academic staff, through institutional visits and guided city tours. 

CIFE‘s cooperation with Chinese universities includes the Yunnan University in Kunming and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. The cooperations date back to 2013 and entail two core programmes: the EU-China Summer School in Greece (in cooperation with the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy) and the EU-China Winter School in Germany (in cooperation with Trier University).

These programmes aim at bringing Chinese students to Europe in order to make them acquainted with the fundamentals, principles and topics governing the European Union in a global environment. As China is becoming an increasingly important partner to the EU, the programmes established by CIFE foster the strengthening of relations between the two actors in the field of higher education.

Evening Course in Vienna

Evening Course in Vienna

For over a decade, CIFE has been successfully running the evening course "Neuer Schwung für Europa" (New Impetus for Europe) being supported locally by the Figlhaus.
The aim of the evening course is to offer students, young academics and other interested parties qualified further training in the field of European integration.

Academics, experts, high-ranking civil servants or European politicians report from practice and stand for the quality of the teaching.
Duration: two semesters with final examination (at the end of each academic year and confirming successful participation).



Summer Universities 2024


1-7 July: Tirana (Albania):
"Albania on the Pathway towards the European Union: Preserving the Past while Welcoming the Future"


14-20 July: Tbilisi (Georgia):
"Shifting Tides: Exploring Conflict Dynamics in the Black Sea Region"


25-31 July: Bucarest (Romania) :
"Les défis en Europe : les conséquences de la crise dans le monde"


13-19 September: Prague (Czech Republic):
"The Russian Aggression against Ukraine: The Role of Central and Eastern European Countries"


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