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CIFE’s programmes have evolved with the successive EU enlargements, often anticipating them. 

Three “generations” of programmes have thus characterised CIFE’s teaching: While it devoted its first study programmes to the founding member states, participating in the post-war adventure of European integration, CIFE enthusiastically embraced the unification of Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

With the new millennium, CIFE’s activity is now clearly dedicated to promoting the European idea in a globalised world.

Students from all over the world are searching for information, training and education in European affairs.

CIFE has thus entered a third generation of academic programmes which reflect the role of Europe in a global framework and the global responsibility of the European Union.

Together with local partner universities CIFE has developed various study formats for students from both Americas, the Asian countries and Australia and is still enlarging its scope.

The Summer University Programme

The summer courses are among the activities CIFE has been organising for the longest period of time – the first summer university took place in 1961, in Aoste (Italy).

Numerous other summer programmes followed, taking place in various countries, in particular in Eastern Europe.

Due to the growing success of these study programmes, and to meet demand from interested countries, CIFE decided to organise summer university courses on a regular basis.