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Conferences, Executive Training and Seminars


The knowledge on European integration and global political problems must constantly be updated through international debates.
CIFE provides not only a forum for exchanges among high-level experts, but also involves citizens into such reflections through seminars and online discussions.

The fora we offer range from lunchtime debates in Brussels, annual conferences such as our Energy forum to regular executive training and virtual debates.

Our topics are as wide as the field of European politics is, but focus mainly on issues of governance, energy transition, sustainiblity, higher education and international security.


International Youth Programmes

CIFE is cooperating with different institutions in order to bring together youth from Europe, in a broader sense, to discuss and tackle issues that matters for them and to overcome barriers and borders. For this endavour CIFE is receiving amongst other the support of the Franco-German Youth Office, from the Regional Youth Cooperation Office.

Executive Training Courses

Our Executive Trainings are collaborative and interactive courses which combine scientific expertise with hands-on learning. The trainings are aimed at high-level professionals and civil servants, executives and post-graduate students, representatives from NGOs and international institutions.

Partnering with renowned private and public entities, we invite prominent experts from around the world to deliver courses tailored to specific policy and governance fields with a long term impact, such as Digitalisation, Sustainable Finance & Economics, and Demographics. Each training combines knowledge transfer with practical case-study sessions and skills sharing. 

CIFE's Executive Training has started in May 2020, Since then, a wide range of courses have been offered, currently in the format of webinars.

See the list of upcoming and past executive training webinars.


GEOPOLITIQUE, CLIMAT, SOCIETE - L’EUROPE FACE AU CHANGEMENT : quelles perspectives énergétiques pour 2035 ?

Nice 30 November  -  1st December 2023



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