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An initiative of the office of CIFE in Brussels and of the group of CIFE Alumni in Brussels
European topical debates

The CIFE office in Brussels regularly organises lunchtime debates on the major questions that are at the centre of interest concerning the European Union. Five times a year, the “Midis du CIFE” provide an opportunity for notable actors and observers of the European integration process to comment and debate with the audience on topics concerning the internal and external policies of the European Union. The success of these meetings, which take place at the University Foundation in Brussels, is not for the least part due to the active participation of the public. Their guests mainly come from the European institutions, from universities, business, foundations, civil society organisations, and the press. Numerous former students of the CIFE programmes also take part in these events which they regard as career long learning opportunities.

Previous topics:
• Internal policies of the EU:  How to rescue the European Constitution? / Educating today the Europeans of tomorrow to build Europe / Citizens and the Future of Europe / The Lisbon Treaty: what next? / Helping create a European Public Space / The EU at risk? Lisbon treaty, EP elections, Financial crisis / A new Parliament: for which Europe? / Multilevel Governance for building Europe in partnership / The EU towards Sustainable Development: Discourse, Strategy, Action / Europe 2020 Strategy: for a sustainable economic and social stimulus plan / The Slovak miracle: how Slovakia joined the euro area / Inter-institutional Cooperation under the Lisbon Treaty / Investing more in Education and Youth Mobility / Perspectives for European Governance / Memory and Policies: Reflections on the Eurozone Crisis and the Greek Case / Is Federalism the solution to the Crisis? / European Elections 2014: which role for the media? / Revitalising the European Dream: A corporate view  /  Research and Innovation for a Sustainable World / Is Federalism the solution to Europe’s ‘Unity in Diversity’?  /  Towards a Reindustrialization of Europe?  /  Europeans, Wake up!  /  Is the European Citizens’ Initiative really an efficient democratic instrument?  /  The ‘Youth Guarantee’: urgently tackling youth unemployment / The euro in question(s) - Is it the ‘beginning of the end’ for Europe?
• External policies of the EU:  Turkey’s Accession and the EU’s Integration Capacity / The Global Challenges facing Europe / EU Enlargement: how far can it go? / The EU’s next Enlargement: what prospects for the Western Balkans?  / Copenhagen: will the EU be a climate change leader? / EU of the Lisbon Treaty: what international power? / The EU's Ukrainian question - a geopolitical challenge to values, capacity and strategy  /  2016: What Progress on European Defence?
• Miscellaneous:  3 explosive topics for the EU: Lisbon treaty, Georgia, Financial crisis  /  Can we overcome the global deadlock ? –  Humanity is missing


  41stCIFE Lunchtime Debate

Wednesday 6 December 2017
on “The Quest for Government”, with Andrew DUFF,
President of the Spinelli Group - Visiting Fellow, European Policy Centre – former MEP


  40th CIFE Lunchtime Debate

Parliamentary diplomacy in Euro-Mediterranean relations. Needs and opportunities
Member of the European Parliament, 
Chair of the Delegation for relations with the Maghreb countries and the Arab Maghreb Union,
and member of the Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean
Wednesday 22 November 2017


  38th CIFE Lunchtime Debate - Tuesday 13 December 2016 - After Brexit and Trump: Europe in Crisis and the World

Mario Telò, Professor of International Relations at ULB (Brussels) and LUISS (Rome), Member of the Royal Academy of Science of Belgium
 - Sergio Cantone, euronews
 - Jean-Pierre Stroobants, Le Monde
 - Luk Van Langenhove, Regional Integration Expert, VUB
Mario Telò has just published “L’Europe en crise et le monde”, Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles (collection UBlire), October 2016. Copies of the book will be on sale at the event and Prof. Telò will be happy to autograph them from 12:30 and at the end of the debate.

 37th CIFE Lunchtime Debate - Wednesday 7 December 2016 - EUROPE, OU LA CRISE ET LA LUTTE FINALES !

Démantèlement de la construction européenne ou avancée de l’intégration ?
Michel THEYS, Journaliste couvrant l’information européenne depuis 1978
Editorialiste à l’Agence Europe et responsable du supplément « Bibliothèque européenne » du Bulletin quotidien Europe.
Final ist of participants 

  36th CIFE Lunchtime Debate -  Thursday 3 March 2016 - THE EURO IN QUESTION(S) - Is it the ‘beginning of the end’ for Europe?

Philippe MAYSTADT,
President of the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE),  Former President of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Former Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium
Final list of participants 
Find the article here EURACTIV  :
Le budget de la zone euro, une bonne idée qui stagne",
"Maystadt: Consensus quietly growing for eurozone budget"
intervention de Philippe Maystadt au 36ème Midi du CIFE, 3 mars 2016.
Philippe Maystadt has just published
« L’EURO en question(s) », Publisher : avant-propos, November 2015