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L'Europe en formation
The bi-annual journal L’Europe en formation deals with European integration, international relations and federalism, with a transdisciplinary approach bringing together political philosophy, law, economics, sociology and culture.
The review was launched in 1960. It began as an alumni publication, but quickly turned into a monthly review devoted to the study of European issues and federalism. It became a quarterly in 1979, with a new focus on analysis and future perspectives of European integration.
Since 2008 the journal has been enhancing its scholarly profile, by setting up a reading committee to ensure the quality of submitted articles.
Each issue is now devoted to a specific topic covering its various dimensions.
In 2011, L’Europe en formation has joined the scholarly journal distribution website Cairn ( 

Policy papers
The CIFE research team is publishing policy papers, on a regular basis.
Every colleague is presenting, analyse, highlight, a topic of his/her own competence, in the form of a three to five pages long paper – readable even for busy people, and hopefully of interest for the wide range of CIFE’s academic, political and civil society network.
We do not aim at a deepened scientific analysis (even if that may be the background and fundament of the author), but at a pointed short argument; we do not aim at advice for politicians (even if that may be one of the benefits politicians may draw from the paper), but at a standpoint toward current topics of European interest.
The papers is of easy access: simply click on this page.
We hope you appreciate the reading, and we appreciate your feedback!

Presses d'Europe
CIFE’s publishing branch Presses d’Europe regularly publishes books and booklets on European Integration and Federalism.
Among them:
 Bernard Voyenne, Histoire de l’idée fédéraliste  (3 tomes), 1976–1981
 Le nouveau débat sur l’Europe, textes réunis et commentés par Hartmut Marhold, 2002
 Jean-Jacques Rey, The European programme of Jean Rey, 2009 (brochure)


L’Europe en formation n° 389
Biannual 60th year - Autumn-Winter 2019  
Towards a European Defence - Vers une défense européenne
Editors: Mathias Jopp & George N. Tzogopoulos

Policy paper  n° 94
The Need to Redefine the Transatlantic Bargain
Anna Dimitrova

Policy paper  n° 93
La nécessité de renforcer le partenariat entre l'Union européenne et l'Afrique Subsaharienne sur la problématique des drogues
Mohamed Ane

Policy paper  n° 92
Quelles perspectives pour la Défense européenne ?
Claude Nigoul

Policy paper  n° 91
Resilience and Governance of the European Union
Arnaud Leconter

Policy paper  n° 90
La décarbonisation de l'économie mondiale : un problème de plus en plus politique
Laurent Baechler