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L’Europe en formation n° 393 – 2021/2


Green Priorities and EU Governance: The European Green Deal and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Priorités environnementales et gouvernance européenne : le Pacte vert européen et la pandémie de COVID-19

Coordinateurs : Arnaud Leconte & Hartmut Marhold

Arnaud Leconte - Preface 
Hartmut Marhold - Introduction. European Green Deal – Next Generation EU: From Proposal to Implementation
Hartmut Marhold - The EU Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Drawn from the Post-2008 Crisis Policy
Sven Grimm, Niklas Helwig, Wulf Reiners & Marco Siddi - Leadership and Partnerships for the European Green Deal: EU  Relations with (Re)Emerging Economies
Laurent Baechler - Le Pacte vert européen : à la hauteur de ses ambitions ? 
Carolina Curreli - EU Lobbying in the “Age of Zoom”: How Was Environmental Policy Impacted? 
Eda Bülbül - Fit for 55: Is the Social Climate Fund Fit from an Energy Justice Perspective? 
Sofia Mocchegiani - Smart City: The Modern Tool That, in Nuce, Expresses All the Features of the European Green New Deal
Alicia Bellón Moral, Giada Calamanti & Ezgi Erdaç - EU-US Green Initiatives: Opportunities and Challenges for the Future of Transatlantic Green Partnerships
Daniel Olsson & Lauren Janssens - The Green New Deal in the United States: A Realistic Blueprint for Climate Action?
Giacomo Famigli - Chinese Environmentalism with European Characteristics
Simone Lucatello & Arnaud Leconte - Complex Systems, Fragility and Security: Challenges for the EU Governance and Its Global Partners in Climate Change and Digitalization


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L’Europe en formation n° 392 - Semestriel 62e année 2021/1

DOSSIER - COVID-19 Crisis and Democracy in Europe - Crise COVID-19 et démocratie en Europe
Coordinateur : Matthias Waechter

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L’Europe en formation n° 391 - Semestriel 61e année - Juillet 2021

DOSSIER - EU-China Relations - Les relations sino-européennes
Coordinateur : George N. Tzogopoulos

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L’Europe en formation n° 390 - Semestriel 61e année - Printemps - été 2020

The Aftermath of the 2019 European Parliament Elections in Times of the covid-19 Crisis
Les suites des élections du Parlement européen de 2019 en temps de crise de la covid-19

Coordinateurs : Laurent Baechler & Matthias Waechter

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L’Europe en formation n° 389 - Semestriel 60e année - Automne-hiver 2019

DOSSIER - Towards a European Defence - Vers une défense européenne
Coordinateurs: Mathias Jopp & George N. Tzogopoulos

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