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Legal Notices & Privacy policy

The CIFE has responsibility for the data published and collected on the sites

When you access the Website, the Materials and the information contained therein, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.
We also explain your rights and our obligations regarding personal data protection.


The Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) acts as an association under the French law of 1901 and is registered as a private higher education establishment and research centre at the Académie de Nice. 
The content of the site is provided by CIFE.
Our head office is located at 81, rue de France - 06000 Nice. 
If you have any queries, questions or concerns about data protection or the privacy practices of our websites, you can contact us at

Web site hosting

The company "Atout Majeur Concept", which designed the site, is in charge of securing the data hosted at OVH.
Atout Majeur 
11 Bis rue du Château de Ribaute 
31130 Quint Fonsegrives

Legal Disclaimer

CIFE endeavours to continuously update its websites in order to provide accurate and adequate information on its programmes, activities and publications. 
We do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information published on our sites and retain the right to make changes without notice.
The information herein is not legal virtue but are given for indicative purposes only.
The CIFE declines any responsibility in case of error or omission resulting from the edition of the site and undertakes to rectify any error as soon as possible.


This website concerns actions which receive financial support from the European Union. CIFE is exclusively engaged. The European Commission is not responsible for the use that may be made of this information or for its publication.


For any purpose other than those covered by the website, i.e. to provide information on CIFE activities, the reproduction or use of any CIFE material is prohibited without the prior consent of CIFE.
The CIFE retains copyright on all its own content on its site (texts, publications, graphics, audiovisual and multimedia), accessible to the public via the Internet.
In return, CIFE undertakes to respect the copyrights and intellectual property rights of the content listed on its sites.

References and Links

Our sites contain links to third-party websites and/or social widgets (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube).
These links are not the responsibility of CIFE. When you visit these sites, please refer to their own privacy policies.

CIFE assumes no responsibility for the content of documents in references or links. Therefore, CIFE is not responsible for the content of any material linked to our website or any changes made after the date the link was created.
These statements apply to both external publications and CIFE guest publications, discussion forums and mailing lists. Any liability for currently inaccurate or incomplete content lies solely with the original creator of the web pages to which the CIFE is linked.

Data Privacy Policy 


We take your privacy seriously.
We are committed to respecting your integrity and your personal data. 
CIFE undertakes, in accordance with the GDPR, to collect only the data necessary and useful for the purposes prescribed.

The CIFE headquarters are located in France and, as such, we adhere to French legislation on the protection of personal information (1998: 204) and European Regulation 2016/679, (GDPR). 

Personal data processing purposes

Personal data refers to data that identifies you as a physical or legal person. 

We process your personal data for the following purposes:

•    Provide our services in accordance with applicable terms and conditions.
•    Administer relations between You and CIFE - via CIFE publications, newsletters and application file management.

We may process certain types of personal data concerning you such as :

•    Your contact information including your name, email address and phone number.
•    User information, for example, if you log into our service or visit our websites. This information may include IP number, device type and browser, time zone, location.
•    Other information we receive through you and with your express consent.

Conditions regarding sensitive data.

If necessary, any sensitive data communicated online are handled by our student services. Their access is restricted to the competent staff; they are secured, and we engage a deletion or anonymization protocol as soon as their processing has been completed.

Additional Terms: Cookies and Platforms

•    Cookies
CIFE may use cookies on its websites, in particular via the Google Analytics analysis tool. Cookies are messages that web servers send to your web browser when you visit websites. These files generally contain information about your visit to the web page, as well as any information you have voluntarily provided, such as your name and preferences. 
CIFE does not use this data for precise or commercial location purposes, nor to receive personal information without your consent.

•    Messaging Platform
CIFE uses the "Mailchimp" platform as part of its Newsletter-type prospecting, belonging to Rocket Science Group, LLC Marketing. We can store and manage your data in accordance with the applicable conditions.
To learn more about Mailchimp's privacy policy:


CIFE does not share any personal data with third parties and does not intend to do so for commercial purposes. We will never share personal data with third parties in such a way that these third parties use this data without your explicit consent.
Our school department only retains the right to share student applications with our academic partners in the exercise of their duties, and for educational purposes.
Our employees are bound by a privacy policy that restricts the use of your data for business purposes and in accordance with your permission. Your data will be stored securely and encrypted to the extent of our technical capabilities.


It is our obligation to deal with specific, relevant and necessary personal elements while taking into account our legitimate purposes.

Each user whose personal data is used by CIFE:

•    Benefits from a right of access, rectification, updating and deletion of information concerning him. 
•    Is also entitled to give instructions on the fate of its data and how it expires.
•    Can object to its data being subject to prospecting processing by the CIFE.

The user has the right to access, remove and modify personal data communicated by the registration forms on our sites. 
The same conditions apply to the candidature files on the sites and 

In the context of CIFE prospecting (newsletters), unsubscribing from lists is always possible directly via each e-mail received or by contacting the CIFE communication department.

To update personal data that we may process about you, to receive a copy of these, or for any other question, please contact us via



Translated from original German text. Neither the translator, nor the CIFE take any responsibility for errors occurring from this translation. The legal effect of this disclaimer must be based on the German original
  • Contents of Online materials
  • References and Links
  • Author's rights and copyright
  • Data protection
  • Enrolled Students responsibilities
  • Legal effect of this disclaimer

1. Contents of Online materials

The Centre international de formation européenne, hereafter referred to as the CIFE, accepts no responsibility for the topicality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the collected information contained on its website. Liability claims against the CIFE for any of the following reasons will be excluded as long as the CIFE can reasonably demonstrate that they are not responsible for any faults:
  • inclusion of offensive materials
  • the use of misuse of the collected information
All documents and materials are contributed voluntarily and with the consent of the individuals concerned. They are independent of the CIFE. The CIFE reserves the rights to change or delete items or parts of contributions received without prior notice.

2. References and links

Direct and indirect references from foreign sites (hyperlinks) do not fall under the legal responsibility of the CIFE. The CIFE accepts no responsibility for the content of materials found in references or links. The CIFE hereby declares that at the present moment and to the best of its knowledge the links and references available on our website contain no illegal materials. In its current and present form, the CIFE has no influence on hyperlinks to other sites. Consequently the CIFE hereby takes no responsibility for the contents of materials linked by hyperlink to our website or any changes that are made after the creation date of our hyperlink. These statements apply for external publications as well as CIFE guest publications, discussion fora and mailing lists. All liability concerning factually inaccurate or incomplete contents lies with the original creator of the webpages to which the CIFE is linked.

3. Author's rights and copyright

The CIFE endeavours to observe and recognise the author's rights of all publications, graphics, audiovisual, and multimedia. It retains its own rights for texts, publications, graphics, audiovisual, and multimedia items created by the CIFE. All third party companies and trademarks are unrestrictedly subject to the regulation of valid and registered recognition rights and property rights. Only through the explicit naming of registered trade marks are third parties not legally protected. The CIFE retains the copyright over all of its items created by the CIFE on its site, which are available to the public via the internet. The reproduction or use of any of the CIFE's materials is forbidden without prior consent of the CIFE.

4. Data protection

To the best of our ability and to such an extent as is possible for a public access internet site, the CIFE will respect data protection rights of individuals and companies who collaborate with the CIFE (emails addresses, names, and addresses). Any such data, which is provided to the CIFE is done so completely upon a free will basis and with the prior consent of the individuals concerned. The rights and payment of services offered to the CIFE are- as much as is technically possible- protected data. This includes anonymous publications and writers writing under a pseudonym. The use and supply of publicly available contact details and information such as addresses, email addresses, telephone or fax numbers which are supplied through third parties are not protected. The CIFE reserves the right to commence legal proceedings against the original senders of so called spam mails.

5. Enrolled Students responsibilities

5.1 Members name
Each student enrolled in the CIFE's programme will be allotted a user name (ILIAS-user name). This user name is valid for the duration of the CIFE's academic course. The student's are forbidden from changing their user name without prior consent from theCIFE (by email).

Any misuse or fraudulous use of user identity is forbidden and will immediately lead to the blocking of the user's CIFE account. The misuse of user identity is defined as the unauthorized use of a user name by any person other than the enrolled student. This definition of misuse is also valid for the sharing or imitation of another student on the CIFE's programme or any person associated with the CIFE through the use of another user name.

5.2 Password
Upon enrollment, each student will be issued with their own personal password. It is forbidden to divulge this password to anyone. Students will be personally responsible for the secrecy of their password. They are also responsible for all damages and consequences of a deliberate breach of confidentiality concerning passwords. In case a student forgets their password, they are requested to email the CIFE. They must confirm their identity by giving their personal details (first name, surname and address).

5.3 Use of Course materials
Each student is authorised to make appropriate use of any materials on the CIFE's ILIAS system in the context of their studies. The sharing of any materials contained on the CIFE's ILIAS system with third parties is forbidden. This is in accordance with paragraph 3 "Author's rights and copyright" in the "User conditions and Disclaimer".

6. Legal effect of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be considered as part of the contents of the CIFE's online materials. If any individual or collective part or formulation of this text does not at all, or partially or completely correspond to what is legally required, the content and validity of the remaining parts of the document remain legally unaffected.

Translated from original German text. Neither the translator, nor the CIFE take any responsibility for errors occurring from this translation. The legal effect of this disclaimer must be based on the German original.

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