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Entry Requirements

Academic requirements
The programme is targeted at the next generation of Euro-Mediterranean decision makers. The one-year programme at the crossroads of theory and practice follows a multidisciplinary approach welcoming each year an international and interdisciplinary community of students with varied backgrounds. No academic discipline is valued more highly than the others. The minimum academic requirement is a bachelor’s degree. 
Candidates will be selected by the Admissions Committee, headed by the Director of the Institute. The selection committee meets regularly in order to examine incoming applications.

Language requirements
The programme is taught in two languages, French and English, and candidates must therefore have an active knowledge of both. 
As proof of your knowledge of the two languages you may include the following documents with your application:

  • A recent certificate from a language institute (such as Institut Français, British Council or other) IELTS, TOEFL, BULAT, DELF etc.
  • At least one reference from your professor(s), stating your level of language competence
  • A statement from an Anglophone or Francophone university, certifying that you have participated in classes held in this language for at least one academic year.

Please note that if the applicant is a national of a majority English or French-speaking country, or if he/she has completed a qualification equivalent to a Bachelor's degree at an Anglophone or Francophone university, a certificate is not required. Other exemptions may be applied on an individual basis, with appropriate documentation.

How to Apply

Required documents
Candidates must submit their application to CIFE in English or French accompanied by all the following documents which can be presented in English, French or German:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Copies of your original University degree(s) and Transcript of Records + English or French translations, if not written in one of the three languages mentioned above
  • If applicable, a list of your research papers, areas of research interest and practical experience (max. 1 page)
  • Two letters of recommendation written preferably by recent professors or supervisors
  • Documents certifying adequate knowledge of English and French as stated above in language requirements

Registration procedure
The easiest way to apply is by filling out the online application form, where you can directly upload all the supporting documents in PDF format. On your individual account you will be able to save, edit and review your application before submitting it. 

The CIFE student services will support you as much as possible to ensure a smooth and flexible procedure, including the possibility to apply and submit documents that are currently not available at a later stage. If you cannot submit all requested documents at once, please get in touch with the student services (see contact details below).


Alternatively, you can send us the application form    or  
with all the supporting documents via e-mail or regular mail. Please note that we can only process your application after having received ALL the required documents.

If you are also applying for a CIFE Scholarship, please send the application to together with the required documents as soon as possible after having submitted your online application. If you are sending the general application by e-mail or post, please make sure to send the scholarship application simultaneously.

In case you have not yet finalised your undergraduate degree at the time of application, please include a document stating the date of your upcoming graduation. In order to enroll for one of CIFE’s programmes, you are obliged to have completed your Bachelor studies by the end of September of the current year. 

Contact information
For more information and to submit your application (if you do not apply online), please contact the Student Service Manager of the programme by e-mail
or by regular mail:

 Marilena DEL TOGNO
 CIFE - Institut européen • European Institute
 Student Services / Mediterranean Studies
 81, rue de France - 06000 Nice   France

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