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The War in Ukraine and Europe's Choices, George N. Tzogopoulos

The war in Ukraine is challenging the international order. The EU has responded by getting closer to the US within NATO. The allies are attemtping to support Kyiv and stop the advancement of Russian military forces. The EU has provided critical support to the Ukrainian people and has made impressive steps to guarantee its energy security and maintain its resilience. However, perspectives for peace are rather poor. The hard reality is leading the EU to evaluate different scenarios, although it cannot be the protagonist in the conflict. In a changing world, the EU needs to place more emphasis on its strategic autonomy and be more flexible in welcoming Ukraine to its family.

Tzogopoulos Ukraine War Europe CIFE 2023


Les politiques publiques européennes relatives à la perte d'autonomie et à la dépendance, Jean-Claude Vérez - in French

Demographic ageing is a reality, with the result being that the elderly are dependent. Managing the loss of autonomy can be a matter for public policy. The financing needs are substantial.

Jean Claude Verez CIFE Europe Armut Poverty

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