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Arnaud Leconte CIFE Nice GEGPA Luiss

Arnaud Leconte is Programme Director in charge of the Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs (GEGPA) and the Joint Master in EU Trade & Climate Diplomacy organised by the European Institute of CIFE together with the School of Government of the University LUISS Guido Carli. He teaches about digital and sustainable economics and finance and works with different European (European Commission, Parliament, Council of Ministers) and international institutions (OECD, World Bank, UNFCC, UNCCD), think tanks, Foundation and NGOs in the governance of sustainable development. He holds a Ph.D in economics, an MBA from the University of Sankt Gallen (Switzerland), and Post-degree from the College of Europe in Bruges.


2021, E-Book CIFE Studies: The EU in World Politics - Volume 1 - 2021 - The EU and the Eastern Mediterranean: The Multilateral Dialogue Option The Rebuilding of Lebanon in a Post-Pandemic World: The Case for a New Digital Pound and Stringent International Cooperation to Fight against Financial Corruption and Capital Flight in Tax Havens, pages 91 à 97

2021, Policy Brief 21/2021: Vaccino “bene comune universale”? Perché la geopolitica rema contro
2021, Policy Brief 13/2021: Sulle relazioni Unione europea-Cina, un accordo sugli investimenti non fa primavera
2021, Policy Brief 5/2021: L’America verde di Biden. Possibili vantaggi e non poche sfide per l’Europa
 2016, La société libérale européenne dans un monde multipolaire, dans L'Europe en Formation 2016/3 (n° 381), pages 43 à 53
2010, A Welfare Model for a Global Carbon Market Under Uncertain Information, USAEE-IAEE Working Paper No. 10-062, avec Tiziana Pagano
2010, Carbon Derivatives: A Destabilizing or a Virtuous Mechanism to Build a Carbon-Free Economy? The Example of the European CO2 Trading Scheme - USAEE-IAEE Working Paper No. 10-058, avec Tiziana Pagano
2009, Italie – Une analyse du discours sur le développement durable avec Xavier Lallemand, dans L'Europe en Formation 2009/2 (n° 352), pages 79 à 104


Also published in the Huffington Post, 4 June 2021 - Perché la geopolitica rema contro il vaccino come bene comune universale


Policy Papers

 2020 - N°103  - L‘enjeu des corona et euro bonds dans la zone euro, en coopération avec Laurent Baechler et Jean-Claude Vérez
 2019 - N° 91 - Resilience and Governance of the European Union
 2015 - N°19 - Pauvreté dans l‘espace Euro-MENA : au-delà de mare nostrum quelle politique de développement Euro-MENA ?


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