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The Need to Redefine the Transatlantic Bargain, Anna Dimitrova


This paper argues that President Trump’s transactional approach to NATO calls into question the original transatlantic bargain according to which America’s commitment to Europe’s security has never been questioned and the alliance has been seen as a security community based on shared interests and values. However, Trump’s view of NATO as a business-like contract maintained by its members’ self-interests and financial contributions, makes it necessary both for the US and Europe to redefine the transatlantic bargain so as to build it on a more balanced burden-sharing among the allies, as well as on a stronger Europe, which is no longer dependent on the US security guarantees. 

Policy Paper available here

Anna Dimitrova


La nécessité de renforcer le partenariat entre l'Union européenne et l'Afrique Subsaharienne sur la problématique de s drogues, Mohamed Ane

Policy Paper available here - in French only

Ane Mohamed Artois CIFE


Quelles perspectives pour la Défense européenne?, Claude Nigoul

Policy Paper available here - in French only


Resilience and governance of the European Union, Arnaud Leconte


This article proposes a way to end the persistent crisis in the European Union and a new European governance ensuring the resilience of the EU in the face of shocks (climatic, economic and social). The prerequisite is to deal with the fragility of over-indebtedness and moral hazard in order to create the conditions for a new governance based on the principles of solidarity, responsibility and independence. This new governance must be founded on shared efforts to converge the productivity / remuneration ratio, the trade balance and unemployment of European regions. The aim is for European solidarity to be expressed in a European social contract and a Sahelian Climate Fund where systemic risks are contained and shared at a time of climate and demographic shocks.

Policy Paper available here

Leconte CIFE


La décarbonisation de l'économie mondiale: un problème de plus en plus politique, Laurent Baechler

Policy Paper in French only available here

Baechler Decarbonisation Politique


Les perspectives des relations Union européenne - Afrique, Jean-Claude Vérez

Policy Paper in French only available here

Vérez Publication UE Afrique Perspectives


Climate Change and Green Growth: Procrastination, Oxymoron and Chimeras' Theater, Jean-Marie Rousseau

Policy Paper available here



Changing places in the European Union, Andrew Duff

Policy Paper available here

Andrew Duff CIFE European Parliament Spinelli Group


Des enjeux européens relatifs à la régulation du cannabis, Mohamed Ane


A l’échelle mondiale, le marché du cannabis ne cesse d’évoluer à travers l’offre et la demande. En parallèle, la culture et le trafic ne cesse de provoquer diverses violences constituant ainsi une menace majeure pour la sécurité intérieure des Etats dont les Etats européens.  Au niveau national, pour lutter contre un tel fléau, les Etats adoptent des dispositifs répressifs disproportionnés. Pour gagner en efficacité et en cohérence, les politiques européennes mériteraient d’être harmonisées.

Policy Paper available - only in French - here

Mohamed Ane CIFE Artois Drogue Europe


Quelques suggestions pour une réforme de la Zone franc en Afrique, Désiré Avom

Policy Paper available - only in French - here

Desire Avom Cameroun CIFE Note de recherche CERME


Le déclin démographique à l'horizon 2050 puis 2100, Jean-Claude Vérez

Policy Paper available - only in French - here.

Jean Claude Vérez CIFE Research Mediterranée Economie


Russia and the EU - the helix of alienation, Susann Heinecke


Against the backdrop of the current crisis of EU-Russia relations, the paper depicts the differences that have appeared in the past years, and the distinct perceptions that determine them. As main sources of conflict, the paper specifies the diverging value systems and the competing regional integration projects of the EU and Russia. The paper concludes that the EU must look for ways to stop the helix of conflict and alienation which implies the launch of a serious and equal dialogue with Russia. 

Policy Paper here

Heinecke Susann CIFE Russia Europe EUCACIS SENECA PhD


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