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The Summer European Academy


Term: Summer (4 weeks)

Locations: Passau (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France)

Credits: 6-9 hours

Price: 4,100 EUR + tuition fee University of Passau

CIFE Services included in the price:
- Prearranged accommodation in 4-star hotels
- Coach transfers to programme destinations
- Public transport passes
- Museum passes
- Group meals



The Summer European Academy is a three week programme that gives Texas A&M students a thorough understanding of the foundational concepts of the European Union through the perspectives of some of the founding members and major players of the European Union - Germany, Belgium, and France. Throughout the programme, lectures from leading professionals and scholars provide a rounded understanding of the EU which emphasizes not only the political functions of the supranational entity, but the unique history, culture, and role of nations within. Lectures on these topics will be coupled with tours of the various cities and some of their major decision-making institutions. Students will exit the programme with a broader professional network and develop skills required for travel such as adaptability, flexibility, and independence. 



The programme routine presents academic content and exploration in tandem. Engaging lectures at major political and economic institutions provide a thorough, contemporary look at the European Union and roles of the member states that will be visited. Still other days are filled with walking tours or free time for participants to seek out in each city what interests them most. Several times in each city, students will dine together at chosen locations to experience the local cuisine. Furthermore, accommodation in 4-star hotels is prearranged for the convenience and comfort of participants.
















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