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Frédéric Lépine was born in Namur (Belgique) in 1966. He studied political sciences at the Catholic University of Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium). Since 1994, he is journalist in the academic journal of the CIFE, L'Europe en formation, and was appointed Editor-in-chief in 2001. This scientific quarterly is specialised in the political field, encompassing European Integration, Federalism and International Relations. Since 1994, he is also teaching federalism in CIFE Masters' programmes. In particular, he is the director of the "Federalism and Governance" module. From 1996 to 1999, he was the director of studies of the Collège universitaire d'études fédéraliste, summer school organized in Aosta (Italy). From 2001 to 2009, he was also the Administrative director of the CIFE. He is now Deputy Director General. His research is focusing on the history of federalist ideas, and the connection with multi-level governance. 

 L'Union européenne dans la crise financière: À la recherche d'une gouvernance économique, dans : L'Europe en formation, no. 358, 2010, pp. 173-93.
 Introduction à la pensée d'Alexandre Marc : un paradigme ?, dans: L'Europe en formation, No. 355, 2010.
 A Journey through the History of Federalism: Is Multilevel Governance a Form of Federalism?, dans: L'Europe en formation, no. 363, 2012, pp. 21-62.
 (avec Michael Burgess): "What Is the Federal Centre?", in: Governing from the Center: The Influence of Federal/Central Government on Subnational Governments, edited by Gisela Färber. Speyerer Forschungsberichte 269, Speyer: Deutsches Forschungsinstitut für Öffentliche Verwaltung Speyer, 2012, pp. 1-20.
 The Answers of the European Union to the Financial Crisis. In: Federalism and the Financial Crisis: Impact and Responses, edited by John Kincaid and Alan Tarr. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.

 The Limits of the Territorial Federal Approach: the Case of Brussels. In Federalism, Regionalism and Territory, edited by the Italian National Research Council-ISSIRFA, 2013.

Policy Papers (CIFE)
  Note de recherche n° 26 - 2015 - « Penser le fédéralisme dans un monde globalisé »

Coordination et direction de numéros de revue
 Fédéralisme, démocratie et Europe, L'Europe en formation, N° 359, 2011.
 Une « Europe des régions » : Obsolète ou Obstinée ? A “Europe of Regions”: Obsolete or Obstinate? L’Europe en formation n° 379 - 2016

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