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Wer ist Walter? A European Research Project about Resistance against Nazism in Europe 

Over two years, historians and curators from France, Germany, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina will work together on the history and individual stories of resistance against Nazism during World War Two in Europe, thus aiming to contribute to the development of a European memory space. 

The project is funded by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) and the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) as part of the Education Agenda NS-Injustice. The four partner institutions that will be in charge of defining the aims and activities of the project and its organisational implementation are crossborder factory in Germany, the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Jasenovac Memorial Site in Croatia, and CIFE in France.

So, who is Walter? Join us on a journey of discovery about this key historical figure and other stories of resistance to Nazism in Europe. If you want to find out more, follow us as we delve deeper week by week!

You will find regular updates about the research findings on the website of the project and on our social media channels on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



“Death to Fascism, Freedom to the People”, stained glass in the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, formerly Museum of Revolution, with damages dating from the 1992-1995 war. 
© History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina


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