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Florent Marciacq, PhD is a Senior Fellow at CIFE in Berlin and Nice. He is also a Research Associate at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), Deputy Secretary General of the Austro-French Centre for Rapprochement in Europe (ÖFZ) in Vienna and Director of the Observatoire des Balkans at the Fondation Jean Jaurès in Paris. Florent Marciacq is a coordinator of the Pezinok Group on Strategic Autonomy and heads several track-2 initiatives dealing with European foreign policy issues, EU enlargement, the Western Balkans and the Eastern neighbours. He is a Member of the International Advisory Committee of the Belgrade Security Conference.

Florent Marciacq holds a Ph.D. in Political Sciences from the University of Vienna and Luxembourg and graduated in International Relations, Management and Sinology. He previously worked as an Associate Researcher at the European Governance Research Group of the University of Luxembourg, OSCE researcher in residence in Prague and guest researcher at the Austrian Defence Academy in Vienna. Florent Marciacq teaches European politics, delivers professional trainings and regularly publishes academic peer-reviewed contributions, think-tank policy-papers and articles in the press. 

Selected Publications

Marciacq F. 2023. Connecting Europe’s Schools and Pupils - a Flagship Initiative for the European Political Community. CIFE Policy Paper n°146.
Marciacq F. (ed.) 2022. Balkans: un nouveau grand jeu?. Politique étrangère, vol. 87. Paris: IFRI
Marciacq F. 2022. The European Political Community and the Western Balkans: Strategic thinking or misleading hope?. FES Analysis Sarajevo: FES-SOE
Marciacq F. 2022. Le Kosovo, un État entravé. Politique étrangère. Paris: IFRI
Marciacq F. 2022. Les Balkans, enjeu stratégique. RAMSES 2023, l’Europe dans la guerre. Paris: IFRI.
Marciacq F. & le Quiniou R. (eds). 2022. French Engagement in the Western Balkans: Boosting Strategic, Political, Economic and Societal Cooperation. Études de l’IFRI. Paris: IFRI.
Marciacq F. 2022. The European Political Community and the Western Balkans: Strategic thinking or misleading hope?.  Sarajevo: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.
Marciacq F., Emini D. & Zweers W. October 2022. France and Visa Liberalisation for Kosovo - Ready to Move Forward. Clingendael Report. 
Marciacq F. 2021. Fixing the ethics of enlargement. The Progressive Post. vol. 16.
Marciacq F. 2021. La Chine dans les Balkans occidentaux : influence et enjeux stratéquiques. Notes Europe. Paris: Fondation Jean Jaurès.
Marciacq F. 2019. Reviving Solidarity A New Regional Approach to Integrating the Western Balkans into a Stronger European Union. Sarajevo: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.
Marciacq F. 2019. Serbia: Looking East, Going West?, in Bieber F. & N. Tzifakis.The Western Balkans in the World. Linkages and Relations with Non-Western Countries. London: Routledge.
Marciacq F. & Flessenkemper T. 2018. The European Union and its Eastern Partners: Beyond the Limits of Current Approaches to Regional Cooperation. IAI Documenti. Vol. 18(2)

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