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Dr. Florent Marciacq is an expert on the enlargement policy of the European Union, the Western Balkans and the Eastern dimension of the EU’s neighbourhood policy / the Eastern Partnership. He is Senior Fellow at the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) and Deputy Secretary General and Research Fellow at the Austro-French Centre for Rapprochement in Europe, a Vienna-based intergovernmental organisation promoting European integration in the Western Balkans and regional cooperation in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. 

Florent Marciacq holds a Ph.D. in political sciences from the University of Vienna and Luxembourg. He was until recently an associate researcher at the European Governance Research Group of the University of Luxembourg, OSCE researcher in residence in Prague and guest researcher at the Austrian Defence Academy in Vienna. 



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Marciacq, F. 2015. Building European security in the Western Balkans: the diffusion of European norms in a context of inter-organisational interactions. Journal of International Relations and Development, vol. 18, 337-360.

Publications in the specialised press

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