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Photo Album - 2021-2022


  European Integration and Global Studies    Mediterranean Studies


Istanbul, June 2022 - Cruise on the Bosphorus River for the Graduation Ceremony of both programmes


 European Policy and Governance – Trilingual Studies    Mediterranean Studies


Nice, October 2021, Start of the Academic year


Nice, October 2021, Intercultural Communication, Nina FRAUENFELD, Executive Director, Success Accross

November 2021, MUCEM, Marseille

Nice, December 2021 - Simulation Game
European Council Summit

Nice, 14 December - NATO Conference
Building Security in Iraq: Challenges After the Election
Conférence organisée avec le soutien de la Division Diplomatie publique de l'OTAN (PDD)

  video link


 European Policy and Governance – Trilingual Studies   



October 2021

Nice, October 2021 - Guided tour (Promenade des Anglais and Colline du Château)




London trip,
March 2022

April 2022, Study Trip to the European Institutions, Brussels, European External Action Service (EEAS), House of the European History, European Policy Centre (EPC), European Commission, etc..

May 2022, Spy Museum, Berlin

Berlin Spionagemuseum

Berlin, June 2022, Schatzsuche

Berlin, Wannsee, Wednesday 6 July 2022, Graduation Ceremony

   Mediterranean Studies


Nice, October 2021

Guided tour (Promenade des Anglais and Colline du Château)

Bye Nice...


Tunis, January 2022, Medina Guided tour

  Hello Dakar

March - Avril 2022 - Trip to Dakar - Rencontre avec Irène MINGASSON, Ambassadrice de l'Union européenne auprès de la République du Sénégal

Istanbul, 2022



 European Integration and Global Studies


October 2021, Start of the Academic Year

Berlin, December 2021
Simulation Game


Nice, January 2022,
Cross-Cultural Communication

Nina FRAUENFELD, Founder and Managing Director of Success Across

Nice, January 2022, Walking Guided Tour with Nice Fun Tours

Monaco, March 2022 - Study Trip to Monaco - Visit to the National Council

Brussels, March 2022

Rome, Friday 24 June 2022, Restaurant Cuccurucu, Graduation Ceremony 

  Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance


Nice, October 2021, Start of the Academic year


November 2021, Visit of a Solar Installation

February 2022. Our Energy students visited Feldheim, a site with 55 wind turbines up to 150m tall, plus a solar park that provides electricity to 600 houses


 Salon EVER, Monaco April 2022

April 2022, Study Trip - Visit to the Tricastin Nuclear Power Plant

 Aix en provence, May 2022, Enedis Show Room: The Future of Electricity Grids




Thursday 30 June, Nice, le St Paul, Graduation Ceremony 


  Joint Master in Global Economic Governance & Public Affairs


Rome, October 2021


Berlin, February 2022
Opening Session  and City tour


Futurium, Berlin

Nice, April 2022

Nice, le St-Paul

Friday 8 July 2022

Graduation Ceremony

   Joint Master in EU Trade & Climate Diplomacy


Berlin, February 2022


March 2022, Study trip to Brussels


Thursday 7 July -  Nice, le St-Paul, Graduation Ceremony


 Joint Master in Global Economic Governance & Public Affairs    Joint Master in EU Trade & Climate Diplomacy


Berlin 2022

Nice, 19 April 2022, introduction to the Nice Session



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