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Executive Management

Matthias Waechter
Director General

Frédéric Lépine
Deputy Director General


Martine Guichard
Director of Administration, Human Resources and Quality Management

Danielle Pasqualini-Adamo
Accountant for budgetary management


Brigitte Barucchi 
Director's assistant

Raluca Darau
Assistant for Human Resources and Quality Management


Matthias Waechter



Bütow CIFE Nice Berlin Med Trilingue

Tobias Bütow
Director of the MAEIS Trilingual studies

Marie Mirkovic
Student services, MAEIS Trilingual studies

Verez Policy Paper Med Studies Europe Nice

Jean-Claude Vérez
Director of the MAEIS Mediterranean studies

Raluca Darau
Student services, MAEIS Mediterranean studies

Laurent Baechler
Director of the MAEIS European integration and global studies

Mélanie Ho Bao Loc
Student services, MAEIS European integration and global studies



Ana Chokreva-Valette
Student services, Master in Global energy transition and governance

Valérie Charpentier
Responsible for the documentation service

Yvonne Braun CIFE Assistant Master Berlin Education Programme

Yvonne Braun
Coordinator of the MAEIS programme in Berlin

Executive Master in EU Studies

Helgard Fröhlich
Programme Director



Camille Raffin
Senior Programme Manager

Leonore Schäfer
Programme Assistant

Aline Palige
Senior Programme Manager

Lukas Skupin
Media production Manager

EUCACIS & SEnECA Projects - EU - Central Asia 

Susann Heinecke
Senior Programme Manager - EUCACIS & SEnECA


Steffen Jäger
Programme Assistant

Tatjana Kuhn
Programme Manager SEnECA



Summer University Programme

Marie-France Perdigon
Director of the programme



Overseas University Programmes

Michael Meimeth
Director of the Overseas University Programmes



Sarah Bremm
Project Manager, Overseas University Programmes


Leonore Schäfer
Programme Assistant


Communication and public relations

Kristina Petersen
Public Relations Manager, Nice

Aline Palige
Public Relations Manager, Berlin

 Research and publications

Jean-Claude Vérez
Director of CIFE Policy Papers

Aline Palige
CIFE Policy Papers & Work Package „Dissemination and Outreach”, Horizon 2020 Research Project: FEUTURE

Laurent Baechler
Editor-in-chief of L'Europe en formation

Ana Valette
Editorial Assistant for L'Europe en formation



Emre Gür
Alumni Relations Director




Office in Brussels

Bruno Boissière
Director of the CIFE office in Brussels




Office in Istanbul

Emre Gür
CIFE Representative in Turkey




Office in Tunis


Riadh Jaidane
CIFE Representative in Tunisia