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Learning and living Europe is the motto of our programmes in European Studies, international relations, energy transition and economic governance. CIFE also offers an Executive Master for professionals. Over the academic year, students study in three different cities, traveling from Nice to Berlin, Canterbury, Rome, Tunis and Istanbul.


Debating with Jean-Claude Juncker, CIFE Honorary President


A message by Herman Van Rompuy, CIFE President


International study experiences


Discover their experience and our programmes

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Executive Master in EU Studies - A Master for Professionals


Joint Master in Global Economic Governance & Public Affairs


Master in Advanced European & International Studies - Mediterranean Studies


Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance










MAEIS - European Integration & Global Studies









Graduation Ceremony for the Joint Master EUDIPLO


Graduation Ceremony for the Joint Master GEGPA


MAEIS - European Integration & Global Studies - Lowie Vueghs


Executive Master in EU Studies  Student Experiences - Luis Melero


Executive Master in EU Studies  Student Experiences - Martin Jansson


Executive Master in EU Studies  Student Experiences  Sevda Amirova


European Council Summit in Nice - a Simulation by CIFE Students


Energy Poverty and Energy Transition - Eda Bülbül


 Eda Bülbül


Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance - Toby Walker


William, United Kingdom


Lorenzo, Italy


Connie, United Kingdom/Ireland


Björka, Albania










Acquiring professional skills and competences


What is "Real-time Policy tracking"?


Susann Heinecke, Trilingual Studies


Rachel Guyet, Energy Transition








CIFExpress | Navigating the Turbulent Red Sea Waters | George Tzogopoulos


CIFExpress | Fighting Against Climate Change: The EU as Global Actor | Marc Vanheukelen


CIFExpress | Transparency, Integrity and Ethics within the EU | Doris Dialer


CIFExpress | La réforme européenne du marché du carbone | Laurent Baechler


CIFExpress | Susann Heinecke-Kuhn | Russia's War in Ukraine. A Threat to European Order and Security


'Zeitenwende'- A Shift in German Foreign Policy? | Mathias Jopp

Shifting Balances of Power: The EU's Role in the New World Order | George Tzogopoulos

Migena Pengili | PESCO and the EU Strategic Autonomy

An Outlook on the Upcoming Debt Crises | Michel-Henry Bouchet

The Economic Sanctions against Russia: Perspectives and Limits | Laurent Baechler

Just Transition: A Challenge for the EU | Eda Bülbül

L' avenir des relations Europe-Afrique | Jean-Claude Vérez

The New German Government and Franco-German Cooperation | Matthias Waechter

What can the Western Balkans do to accelerate the accession process? | Florent Marciacq




Youth Vision for A Just Transition


Negotiating in the Eastern Mediterranean gas dispute - a simulation


Les conséquences de la crise de la Covid-19 sur les politiques économiques de l’UE


Failed States and Loose Governance








The Current EU Policy Agenda | Jim Cloos | Online Lecture 19 October 2022


'Heat or Eat': Energy Poverty in Europe | Round Table


What is the EU's Place in the New World? | Herman Van Rompuy | Inaugural Lecture


Values Matter in Europe and in the World - Herman Van Rompuy


Building Security in Iraq - Challenges After the Election


Hydrogène et nucléaire en Europe - énergies concurrentes ou complémentaires ?

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