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Group foto EU-China Winter School 2017

"Understanding Europe and European integration: fundamentals, principles, and issues governing Europe in a global environment"


Duration: 2 weeks

Language of instruction: English

Location: European Academy Otzenhausen, Germany

Field Trips: Brussels, Luxembourg, Metz, Trier

Upcoming program dates:
13/01/2019 - 27/01/2019

Application deadline:
23 November 2018



China and the European Union are two major players in the world of economics and trade. While the EU is the largest trading partner of China, ranked first both with regard to export and import, China is the second largest trading partner of the EU. Nevertheless, problems such as trade and investment barriers as well as the protection of intellectual property rights pose serious challenges to the cooperation between the EU and China.

Therefore, understanding Europe and the European Union, getting familiar with the fundamentals, principles and issues governing the European Union in a global environment and shaping the relationship between Europe and China becomes more and more important and appealing for young Chinese high potentials. In order to promote the mutual understanding between these two major players, the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) in cooperation with the European Academy Otzenhausen (EAO) offer the EU-China Winter School on „Understanding Europe and the European Union“ to college students from prestigious universities from all over China.

The EU-China Winter School will provide Chinese students with a unique cross-cultural experience: Through lectures by European professors and contact to students from European universities, the participants will get firsthand knowledge about the European Union and the European integration process.

At the EAO, the participants of this Winter School will have the opportunity to meet peers from all over the world and to become familiar with a wide variety of perspectives on the European Union and the European integration process in an international environment.

The exposure to European integration in the classroom coupled with field trips to European institutions and cross-cultural learning will make the EU-China Winter School one of the most rewarding experiences of your university career.

During this program the students will be exposed to intensive lectures on the major political, historical and economic perspectives and issues of the EU. All courses will be taught in English by internationally renowned faculty from CIFE and other major German universities. Moreover, by visiting the most important EU institutions (European Parliament and/or European Council, European Investment Bank and/or European Court of Justice)  in two European capitals, Brussels and Luxembourg, the students will be provided with first-hand insights into the functioning of the European Union. In Brussels as well as in Luxembourg, the students will be brought into direct contact with decision-makers and representatives from those institutions. In Trier, the students will visit Trier University, where they will attend lectures and have the chance to socialize with their European peers.

Course topics include:

EU Studies and Political Science – What Are the Basic Questions?

History of European Integration with a Special Focus on Franco-German Relations

The Institutional Architecture of the European Union

The Economic Dimension of European Integration

Europe and the Refugee Crisis

The Euro Crisis

Brexit and Its Consequences for Europe

The program will be enriched by field trips to Brussels, Luxembourg, Metz and Trier.

In Brussels and Luxembourg, the students have the unique opportunity to learn from expert officials working in the European institutions and to discuss policies with decision-makers.

Another field trip leads the students to Trier, Germany's oldest city with a history going back more than 2000 years. The city is famous for its rich Roman history and for being the birth city of Karl Marx. Furthermore, the students will visit Metz, a beautiful French city where the Moselle and Seille rivers coalesce and great architecture can be discovered.

Upon successful completion of the program, Chinese students may earn up to 3 transferable credits awarded by CIFE. Credits will be granted only to those students who will attend all lectures and pass the final written exam.

Certificates will be provided by CIFE for Chinese students wishing to leverage their educational experience in this Winter School with subsequent pursuit of internships and/or other higher learning opportunities.

Eligible to apply for the 2019 EU-China Winter School are Chinese graduate and undergraduate students.

The students should have sufficient English language skills as well as an interest in European politics and history.

Detailed information on the application process will be provided by the International Offices of CIFE´s partner universities in China.

The admission fee for the EU-China Winter School 2019 is € 1.800,00.

This 14-day Winter Course will be held at the European Academy Otzenhausen – a modern and comfortable conference facility located in the center of the Greater Region SaarLorLux, one of the core regions of the European integration process.

The European Academy Otzenhausen will host the students for the entire duration of the program, except during the study trip. The EAO is a perfect venue for international conferences and hosts scholars and students from all over the world. The Chinese students will be accommodated in comfortable, modern twin or triple rooms, all equipped with free internet access and free high speed WiFi. All rooms have private bathrooms. The EAO is known for its excellent conference facilities and distinguished cuisine. The very friendly staff of the EAO is always keen on taking care of their guests.

During the three-day field trip to Brussels, the students will be accommodated in a 3-star hotel in twin rooms with private bathrooms.

During the stay at the EAO, students will enjoy full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner). For the field trips to Trier and Luxembourg, the EAO will provide the students with breakfast, lunch packages for the day and dinner upon return to the EAO.

During the 2019 EU-China Winter School, CIFE provides students with the following transportation services:

Group transfer by bus from Frankfurt International Airport to the EAO and back to Frankfurt International Airport

Group transport by bus on all field trips

For the 14-day program CIFE will provide a qualified group leader who speaks English and who is familiar with the program venues. The group leader will be assisted by a Chinese Program Assistant who is familiar with the structure and the purpose of this program. Both, the group leader and the Chinese assistant will stay with the Chinese group during the entire program at the EAO and will accompany the group on the field trips to Luxembourg, Trier, Metz and Brussels.



Dr. George Tzogopoulos (Programme Director China Programmes, CIFE)
E-Mail: george.tzogopoulos[at]cife.eu

Ms. Sarah Bremm (Programme Manager, CIFE)
E-Mail: sarah.bremm[at]cife.eu
Phone: +49 30 86 00 840-16

Ms. Leonore Schäfer (Programme Assistant, CIFE)
E-Mail: leonore.schaefer[at]cife.eu
Phone: +49 30 86 00 840-14

Yunnan University
Ms. CHENGJIE Li (Programme Officer, Office of International Cooperation, Yunnan University)

Tel.: 0871-65033815

All other universities
Ms. HE Jinjin (Programme Assistant, CIFE)
E-Mail: jinjin.he[at]cife.eu
WeChat ID: jinjinhelin


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