CIFE Activity Report 2021

CIFE occupies a unique place in the landscape of international higher education, as we are offering a distinctly European brand of academic teaching. In 2021, our programmes assembled students from more than 60 countries, who not only studied the European Union, but also lived it by discovering cities like Nice, Berlin, Brussels, Rome, and Istanbul.

The ambition of our courses is not only to deliver knowledge, but to help the students to acquire the skills and competences needed in the job market of European and international institutions. The French state has honoured this effort by recognising the CIFE’s Master-level (EQF level 7) qualification of “Policy Officer in European and International Organisations”. Shorter seminars, evening courses, policy dialogue, research and publications complement the programme offer by CIFE. Some of the topics of the courses are chosen among the key priorities of the European Commission, like tackling climate change, managing energy transition, strengthening the EU as an actor in its neighbourhood.

2021 was a highly successful year, as it saw the first implementation of a new Master programme, the “Joint Master in European Trade and Climate Diplomacy”, organised as a Joint degree with the Luiss School of Government in Rome. The number of students enrolled in CIFE’s Master programmes is continuously increasing and has reached, for the academic year of 2021/22, the record number of 152 students. In the whole year of 2021, taking together the academic years of 2020/21 and 2021/22, 278 students have enrolled in our programmes.

Evidently, the work of CIFE in 2021 was strongly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as from January to May 2021, almost all courses were delivered online. However, the academic substance of the programmes remained unaltered, and our participants were highly satisfied with their academic experience, regardless of the adverse circumstances.

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CIFE Activity Report 2021


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