Failed States Workshop for the GEGPA Students

Why do states fail? Understanding the reasons for institutional weakness and developing early warning signals is crucial, more than ever. The students of the Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs (GEGPA) took part in a week-long workshop on “Failed States”. Now in its fifth year, the workshop has become a traditional highlight of the GEGPA programme in Nice. Under the expert guidance of Michel Henry Bouchet, Emeritus Global Finance Professor, and Programme Director Arnaud Leconte, the analysis focussed on bad governance and risk management through a combination of case studies, datamining and socio-political risk assessment.

Michel-Henry Bouchet's introduction to "The Challenge of Navigating Socio-Political and Security Risks" shed light on the complexity of institutional weakening in both developing and developed countries: with the legacy of recent crises, convergent shockwaves further weaken already fragile countries which cannot withstand the combination of large debt, low growth, wealth gaps, and climate change. State failure materialises for domestic and foreign agents with the emergence of authoritarian regimes, bad governance and corruption, and violence.

During the workshop, the students competed in six groups for the PRS Group Inc. and CIFE Award for the best 'Governance and Country Risk Report'. Congratulations to the group that won the award for their comparative risk analysis on the 'World Bank Investment in Sustainable Tourism in Greece and Argentina': Andrra Nurkollari, Mattia Sportelli, Jacob Huling, Vera De Man and Isobel Owens.

Our special thanks go to Dr Christopher McKee, CEO & Owner at The PRS Group Inc, for joining us in Nice for a keynote speech and delivering personally the prize to the students!

The workshop ended with a full day of exchanges with renowned scholars and experts sharing their field experience. We thank Guido Bichisao, Sara Brimbeuf, Thierry Apoteker and Milad Zarin for their precious contributions and lively exchanges with the students. A special mention goes to our GEGPA students for their huge motivation and engagement! 



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