The EU's Digital Policy and Global Challenges

In a changing world, the EU strives to lead in the digital sector. The concept of “technological” or “digital sovereignty” echoes the European Commission’s goal of leading and achieving strategic autonomy in the digital field. On 1 November 2022, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) entered into force, echoing the determination of the EU to shape the new global economy and practically implement the concept of digital sovereignty by proposing enhanced regulation that affects the operation of “Big Tech” companies. However, it also creates challenges in a phase during which the US and the EU are intensifying their dialogue on technological affairs. While US criticism of the DMA is noted in the EU, the general European strategic autonomy ambition, which evolves in the digital sphere, does not undermine transatlantic unity.

The latest edition of L’Europe en formation analyses the EU’s Digital Policy and its Global Challenges, covering a variety of aspects such as the DMA and the future of transatlantic relations, the EU’s governance approach to tackling disinformation, digitalisation and the EU budget, the green digital transition, and the weaponisation of AI.

Edited by George Tzogopoulos. With contributions by George Tzogopoulos, Matthias Kachelmann, Wulf Reiners, Nico Groenendijk, Alexander Gusev, Arnaud Leconte, Simone Lucatello, Stefano Felicien Beccari, Matteo Bressan, Kyriakos Revelas and Hartmut Marhold.

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Table of Contents

George Tzogopoulos
The Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Future of Transatlantic Relations
Matthias Kachelmann & Wulf Reiners
The European Union's Governance Approach to Tackling Disinformation - Protection of Democracy, Foreign Influence and the Quest for Digital Sovereignty
Nico Groenendijk
Digitalisation & the EU Budget: A Case of Incomplete Budget Mainstreaming
Alexander Gusev, Arnaud Leconte & Simone Lucatello
Green Digital Transition and Data Governance
Stefano Felicien Beccari & Matteo Bressan
The Weaponisation of Artificial Intelligence: Risks and Implications


Kyriakos Revelas
EU Differentiated Integration and Future Enlargements - A Reflective Note

Book Reviews

Hartmut Marhold
A propos du centenaire de la République turque

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