Support for the People of Türkiye and Syria

CIFE extends its full support to the populations of Türkiye and Syria, affected by the terrible earthquake of 6 February 2023. 
Our institution has strong ties with Türkiye - one of our offices is based in Istanbul - and we feel personally related to many: our thoughts go to our colleagues, partners, former and current students and friends in both countries. 

Many members of the CIFE community have acted on an individual level in the past week. Today, we'd like to share a more concerted call for action - initiated by the alumni of the Mediterranean and Global Master programmes as well as the current students of the Master in European Integration and Global Studies. The initiative has the full support of our institution and we will ensure to communicate about it and assist the activities on a long-term basis.

Declaration and Call to Action by CIFE Alumni and Students

Nature is not evil, but it can be violent.
The seismic events in Türkiye and Syria are an extreme example of such violence, which produced thousands of victims and displaced countless people across the region.

The CIFE Alumni and Students Network wishes to express solidarity to the families and friends of the victims and hopes for a prompt response by the international community to support Turkish and Syrian people in this tragedy.


As CIFE Students and Alumni from the Global and Mediterranean Master programmes, we pay special attention to this emergency, due to the months spent learning and living in the region. 
Throughout the years, many of us preserved a deep connection with these countries and developed personal ties with their people.

For this reason, we are activating ourselves to address the most pressing necessities, while giving our contribution to heal the long term wounds of such collective trauma.

You can get involved too! 
Donations are a great help, but solidarity also comes in different forms.
In fact, we are planning activities where your time is more valuable than money, including topics such as energy, hygiene, translation, psycho-social assistance, media coverage, etc.
Please join us by clicking on the button above!

If you are willing to contribute, but you don’t have the time, please consider a monetary donation to the following trustworthy organizations, selected by CIFE staff on the ground:

1) The French NGO Aides Actions Internationales Pompiers (AAIP) intervenes on natural disaster sites around the world. Since 9 February, it has been working in Hatay, the region of Türkiye most affected by the earthquakes, with a rescue and clearing team. A second team will be sent next week to provide medical support to survivors. The main objective of AAIP is to intervene on the ground in close cooperation with local authorities in order to ensure the most effective humanitarian support to the local population in the post-emergency period.

To transfer your donation:
IBAN: FR18 3000 2042 4700 0007 0832 C72

Make sure to indicate "Mission Türkiye" in your transfer.

2) AFAD is the national coordinating agency for emergency aid in Türkiye. It coordinates donations from all over the world in order to direct them towards the needs on the ground in the most efficient way.
You can transfer your donations in different currencies via their website

3) AHBAP, a Turkish NGO founded by philanthropist Haluk Levent
You can transfer your donations in different currencies via their website

4) The White Helmets, or Syria Civil Defense, is a collective of volunteers working to provide aid in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake.
You can transfer your donations in different currencies via their website.


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