Can Federalism Answer the Big Questions of the 21st Century?

Can federalism answer the big questions of the 21st century? 14 researchers from Europe, Canada, India and Israel explored this matter during an international research workshop at CIFE in Nice on 18 to 19 January. The three panels of the workshop were devoted to current federal issues:
Theoretical Discussions on Federalism and Federation dealt with autonomy and sovereignty within a federal structure, the doctrinal foundations of federalism and participatory democracy within a federation.
Federalism and Conflict Resolution addressed conflictual relations within the new multinational states and the ability of federalism to manage these conflicts.
Federalism and Resource Distribution focused on fiscal federalism and the dynamics of federal systems for the distribution and use of resources.

The results of this workshop will be published in the summer issue of CIFE's academic journal, L'Europe en formation.

We thank all of the researchers for their valuable contributions and insights. Our special thanks go to the Institute of Federalism in Fribourg for their precious input!

Read the programme in full here.

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