Europe at a Turning Point

We're pleased to announce the publication of a new series of CIFE Policy Papers, entitled "Europe at a Turning Point".

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is a turning point for the European Union in many different respects. Practically all the EU’s policy areas are affected by it, from its common foreign and security policy to its position in relation to its allies, like the United States, and to key geopolitical actors such as China. The war impacts our energy security, energy costs and the way we need to organise our transition to carbon-neutral sources. Inflation has returned to Europe, and many citizens feel overwhelmed by the accumulation of crises since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020.

The volume is edited by Matthias Waechter, Director General of CIFE, Aline Palige, Editor of CIFE Policy Papers, and Laurent Baechler, Director of CIFE Policy Papers.

You can purchase the book here.

Table of Contents

Future Perspectives for Europe

Herman Van Rompuy
Values Matter in Europe and the World
Hartmut Marhold
Cold War vs. Global Warming - The Two Dominating Narratives of the 20th Century
Philipp Brugner, Martin Fleischer
The European Political Community: Some Post-Meeting Thoughts
Tobias Flessenkemper
The European Year of Youth 2022: Aspects of a Genealogy of European Youth Cooperation
Gabrielle Heyvaert
Europe’s Digital Decade: Game On
Martin Fleischer
The Global Gateway
Jean-Claude Vérez
Les politiques publiques européennes relatives à la perte d’autonomie et à la dépendance

Consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Laurent Baechler
D’un plan de relance européen à l’autre : ce qui a changé en 10 ans
Flo Van den Broeck
Covid-19 and Lower Skilled Migrant Workers: Which Lessons for Europe?
Michel-Henry Bouchet
Can the Combination of Pandemic and Geopolitical Crises Trigger a Risk of Great Collapse for Weak States? An Opportunity for Reassessing EU’s Development Aid to Promote Good Governance
Arnaud Leconte
The European Union’s Economic Governance of the (Post-)Pandemic and the War

Challenges of the European Green Deal

Rachel Guyet
The Impact of The Energy Price Crisis on Vulnerable Households: A New Test for EU Unity?
Eda Bülbül
Two Years On: Just Transition Fund and Overview of Its Challenges During the Planning Phase
Jeffrey Lu
Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Investment as a Means for Energy Security and New Political Alliances: A Policy Paper for the German G7 Presidency
Laurent Baechler
Bilan de la COP27 sur le climat

The International Role of the EU

Kyriakos Revelas
EU Arms Export Policy: Achievements and Current Challenges
Sarah Sporys
Renewal, Revitalization, New Start? The Transatlantic Partnership and the Start of the Biden Administration
George Tzogopoulos
Whither Sino-European Relations?
Kristian Nielsen
The Hour of Europe Has Not Yet Passed: The Need for a Proactive EU Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Merve Samalp
Entre commercialisation et arsenalisation : l'émergence de nouveaux enjeux spatiaux
George Tzogopoulos
The War in Ukraine and Europe’s Choices

Domestic Changes in the EU Member States

Matthias Waechter
Three Takeaways from the French Presidential Elections
András Inotai
Personal Comments on the Parliamentary Elections in Hungary on 3 April 2022: The Consequences of a Decade-Long Systemic Trap

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