Call for Papers: "The Governance of Sustainable Development under the Perspective of the EU Green New Deal and Next Generation EU"

- The European “Green New Deal” and “Next Generation EU”: features, relations, governance
- Does the EU follow a path towards Sustainable Development when recovering from the Covid-19 Pandemic?
- Is “Next Generation EU” a “Hamiltonian Moment” for European integration, binding the Member states tightly into a European Federation?
- How does the European Policy relate to other geopolitical initiatives in Asia, America, Africa towards Green development?

When the new president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, came into office in summer 2019, she launched an ambitious “European Green New Deal” project, placing the fight against climate change, protection of biodiversity, digitalisation and in a broader sense sustainable development at the heart of EU policies. Just when the project took shape, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and required itself the attention and action of the EU: “Next Generation EU” is the equally ambitious recovery programme the EU put on track from May 2020 on.

In our next issue of CIFE’s journal, L’Europe en formation, we would like to analyse these thematics.
Papers are welcome to analyse how these two projects relate to each other. Is “Next Generation EU” marked by a strategy, which places recovery — understood as renewed growth — above all and relegates the “Green New Deal” to ‘better times’? Or are they positively linked in a mutually reinforcing way, is “Next Generation EU” aiming at a ‘Green Recovery’, supporting and accelerating the transition to sustainable development in Europe?

We would also like to analyse their features, relations, governance and investigate whether “Next Generation EU” can be qualified a “Hamiltonian Moment” for European integration, referring to the creation of a US Central Bank and the takeover of member states debts by the federal level, thus binding the states tightly into the federation. 
Finally, papers may take a geopolitical perspective and compare EU policy with other global and regional initiatives in America, Asia, Africa towards green development.