Franco-German Youth Workshop on Just Energy Transition 

On 15 December 2021, the students of the Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance participated in a Just Energy Transition Workshop together with student of the FH Erfurt. The workshop that was realised with the support of the FGYO, aimed at creating a platform for young people to discuss the concept of a just energy transition in different contexts and  to propose solutions to address this key challenge.

Throughout the day, the students had the opportunity to exchange their ideas and experiences, to learn from each other and produce their collective ‘Youth Vision for Just Transition’. First, they discussed who is being impacted by the transition. They concluded that everyone is being impacted by the energy transition positively or negatively. However, they underlined that some groups are impacted more than others. Then, they discussed what policies can be developed to address these multidimensional perspectives of Just Transition. Finally they also tackled together the way decision-making mechanisms could better take into account the needs and the voice of the people directly affected. Despite differences in their understanding of what "participation" means, they reached a consensus on the necessity of participatory mechanisms to make the transition fair.  

The Youth Vision for a Just Transition
•    improves participatory approaches
•    addresses the economic, social, political and cultural impacts of the transition, and
•    generates hope, belief and trust for all in the current and future decisions.



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