Wer ist Walter? Winter Workshop in Sarajevo

It is now just over a year since the ‘Wer ist Walter’ project and expert team met for the first time in Sarajevo to launch the project. In the meantime, two conferences and a first workshop have taken place in Berlin and Nice, and it was with a lot of energy and a fresh eye that the international team of experts met again at the History Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina for this 3rd workshop on December 2-3,2023.
The main aim of this workshop was twofold: to continue with the preparations of the digital platform and its 100 stories about resistance, and to work on the content and scenography of the final exhibition on the museum’s premises. 

The digital platform will present a mix of 100 stories about persons, groups, activities, events, places and symbols of resistance against Nazism and fascism during World War 2 from the four countries involved in this project: Germany, France, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. 

The exhibition in the planning will be launched during the final conference, in July 2024, and dedicated to the resistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina during World War 2, situated in its European context. The main exhibition space will be the inner court/atrium (outdoors), which provides a lot of space and possibilities, and also some challenges. One of the discussion topics was how to connect the atrium with the indoor space of the museum, for example with the “open depo”, which presents objects from the World War 2- collection of the Museum, and with the artworks which are part of the interior architecture of the former “Museum of Revolution” and which are also related to World War 2. Architect Sandro Agostini from Paris and designer Samina Tanovic from Sarajevo supported the team in their reflections about the arragement and design of the exhibition.

All experts are in parallel working on the third planned result of the "Wer ist Walter?" project: a scientific publication on the resistance against Nazism, fascism and occupation during World War 2 in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, France and Germany.

Read more about the workshop in Sarajevo and about this fascinating research project: Wer ist Walter?

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