Summer European Academy 2023

The Summer European Academy took place across two and a half weeks for a group of American students from our partner university, Texas A&M University. The programme enabled this group of students to deepen their knowledge of Europe through a series of cultural and institutional visits in three European cities: Berlin, Brussels and Paris.

During the week in Berlin, one of the most moving moments was the visit to the House of the Wannsee Conference, where the Nazis discussed the most effective implementation of the "Jewish Question". The students were confronted with the darkest side of German history, but also got an understanding of the German remembrance culture.

Next in Brussels, the group got to grips with the complexity of the EU institutions and also had an informative visit to SHAPE NATO, where they discussed strategic alliance and deterrence issues, as well as the changes that the War in Ukraine has brought to NATO.

Finally, the students visited the French National Assembly and Senate to better understand the French poltical system, and topped off their stay in Paris with a dinner cruise along the River Seine.

We wish them a safe journey back to the US with their new-found knowledge of the EU.

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