Rethinking European Political Culture: How to strengthen cooperation, integration and concrete Youth participation?


Serie of three seminars organised by CIFE, the Centre culturel franco-allemand (CCFA), the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo* and Serbia (YIHR) with the support of the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ/DFJW) and the Regional Youth Cooperation OFfice (RYCO).


Belgrade (Serbia) and Pristina (Kosovo) - November 2019

Last week was the second phase of our cross-national project “Rethinking European political culture: How to strengthen cooperation, integration and concrete Youth participation?” Youth participants from Kosovo, Serbia, France and Germany resumed discussions and worked together on their projects. After 3 days in Belgrade with speakers including Naim Leo Beširi from the Institute for European affairs, Milan Antonijevic, Open Society Foundation and representatives from Humanitarian Law Center and RYCO, the group travelled to Pristina, for 4 days and attended the « once upon a time and never again » exhibition, visited the city and welcomed new lecturers. A meeting with Saranda Bogujevci, survivor of the Podujevo Massacre and elect MP in Kosovo was open and profound. The discussion concluded with Frank Morawietz, OFAJ SEE special envoy, who put Franco-German reconciliation in the light of the situation.

From the enlargement of the EU to the memory and history of the war in the region, dialogue and youth participation in the Western Balkans have proved to be the key to a constructive future! And for this, we thank our young leaders!

We look forward to working on the implementation of their ambitious projects during our third phase during the 3rd to 10th of March in Nice!


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Berlin - September 2019

What a stimulating and thought-provoking week on how to “Rethink European political culture”! CIFE was pleased to welcome young leaders from Kosovo, Serbia, France and Germany, all keen to promote intercultural and transnational dialogue!

Your enthusiasm and contributions have been a true symbol of the living - and essential - participation of young people, which must be further strengthened beyond borders to rethink our political culture in Europe.

Thank you to our experts Adi Cerimagic, Thomas Traguth and Frank Morawietz for having fostered the debate amongst us!

We look forward to your future views on how to achieve concrete results in Belgrade-Pristina and Nice.


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