Launch of JETRC - Just Energy Transition Research Centre

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of JETRC, CIFE’s new Just Energy Transition Resource Centre! 

Whether you're a researcher, professional or student, JETRC is a platform listing a wide range of English-language resources to  promote research on just transition and foster the understanding of just transition principles and practices.
All articles, books, projects and events collected are accessible on the original websites.

What JETRC offers so far:

  • Library: Documents encompassing legislation divided by country, position papers from various stakeholders (NGOs, private sector, civil society, press, advisory), books and academic articles. While our primary focus is on the European Union, we aim as well to gather insights from around the globe .
  • Projects: A collection of projects and initiatives that are shaping the landscape of just transition. 
  • Events: Events, conferences and seminars dedicated to the topic of just transition. 

This is just the start! We will update and expand the JETRC sources to keep you informed about the latest developments in the field. Your feedback and contributions are invaluable to us, so if you encounter a resource that you can’t find in our library, please share it with us via


Please note that copyright and intellectual property rights are owned by their respective authors. 

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