Green Light for Dakar 2022


We’re delighted to announce that the MAEIS Mediterranean Studies will open up to Sub-Saharan Africa in 2021/22 with a three-week study trip to Dakar in Senegal in March-April 2022 (unless the pandemic makes this impossible*).

A partnership agreement is planned with a business school based in Dakar. This state-approved higher education institution accompanies the evolution of African societies in the context of globalisation.

The courses cover a multidisciplinary field of study and offer a combination of knowledge about foreign relations and the acquisition of professional and diplomatic skills.

CIFE students will therefore be confronted with the real constraints of the challenges of development, the objectives of development aid, but also the common issues between Africa and Europe in fields as varied as the security of people and territories, the demographic and migration issue, climate issues, post-Covid health security, and economic cooperation agreements.

*N.B. If the health situation does not allow students to travel to Senegal, an alternative one-week study trip to Rome will be offered.






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