Germany's European Policy - EUGOV Visits in Berlin

The Master in Advanced European and International Studies - Applied European Policy and Governance Studies (EUGOV) students gained hands-on insights on Germany’s European Policy in several institutions involved in Germany’s European policy-making during a series of visits in Berlin at the end of May.

At the Federal Foreign Office, the students had the opportunity to learn from the Head of the EU Coordination Division, Christian Klein, about how complex the formation of a German position on European issues and the coordination of the many actors at the level of a member state actually is. They also learnt how Germany coordinates with other member states and which topics are currently on the agenda, such as the support for Ukraine, enlargement, the MFF (multi-annual financial framework), migration and the Joint European Asylum System.

At the Representation of the State of Brandenburg in Berlin, Head of Division Irene Heuser explained how the federal subjects – in Germany the Bundesländer – are involved in EU policy. Some of the particularly interesting aspects of the briefing included the EU funds and interregional cooperations in Europe that Brandenburg conducts with a number of Polish Voivodeships, and the question of Europeability of regional and local administrations.

Next, at a briefing with Deputy Director of the Europe Department Edgar Lenski, students discovered the work of the Federal Chancellery and the role of the Federal Chancellor in German European policy, focusing on the European Council.

In a visit to the European Commission’s Berlin representation, the students met with the Head of the Berlin political team, Nora Hesse, who talked about the role of the Representation as a link between Brussels and the member states, and about peculiarities of German European policy.

Finally, while visiting the Federal Ministry of Finance, the students enjoyed an exciting presentation by the Head of the Europe Department, Wolfgang Merz, about the past, present and future of European integration and some challenges the EU is faced with. Additionally, Germany's performance and role in the EU was discussed during the visit.

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