Full of Energy on the Home Straight

Shortly before the end of their studies, our students of the Master in Global Energy Transition & Governance were able to enjoy an end-of-year field trip. On Tuesday 11 May 2021, they went to Mouans-Sartoux, a village in the hinterland of Nice. Tucked away in the mountainous region, the company H2C HAC is located there, a Hitachi brand dealer specialising in the distribution of photovoltaic systems as well as air conditioning and heating systems.

In Mouans-Sartoux, three stations awaited our students: first, a small presentation of a smart carport construction with integrated solar panels providing electrical energy for the hybrid cars charging underneath. Next, we went to a warehouse for solar modules, where our students were able to view the various models for photovoltaic systems. Depending on their construction, they differ in their efficiency – and in their price! The last stop was an industrial park. Via a small viewing platform, the students were able to take a look at several solar panels on the roofs of the surrounding buildings.

Despite some rain showers, our students did not let it spoil their mood: they had lively discussions with the experts on site and enjoyed finally being able to explore the area again after a long period of restrictions due to Covid-19.

The excursion now also marks the end of the lessons for our Energy students. After a final feedback session on Wednesday, it's time to say goodbye. But before they are finally done, they will probably gather all their energy once more – after all, the thesis is still coming up! We wish our beloved students the best of luck and thank them for their curiosity and motivation!