The beginning of the year is for our Master students the moment to change places.

Changing places is in our academic philosophy no touristic venture: It means also changing perspectives, seeing the world, Europe, one's own background from a different point of view: It makes a difference whether you see the EU from the perspective of the capital of Germany or from a country currently negotiating its exit from the community. It makes a difference to look at the Mediterranean region from the standpoint of Southern France or from a multifaceted transition country like Tunisia.
Changing places also means meeting different academic teachers, encounter different working methods and forge new networks. It means sometimes also learning in a different language. Changing places makes our students more aware of our differences and enhances their Europeanness.

The student mobility integrated in all of our Master courses also symbolizes the European added value of CIFE's programmes. We deliver higher education in a distinctly European way, which distinguishes us from national universities. Our students form a small, itinerant international community over one academic year, experiencing thus the challenges of diversity and tolerance. They are in constant dialogue with European policy-makers and practitioners, becoming closely connected to the professional work. European values are for our students not only an academic notion, but also a lived experience.

Matthias Waechter, Director General, CIFE

For more information and to see an overview of the academic year 2018/19 for all Master programmes click on the following links:
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