Launch of our New Publication Series: CIFE Reports

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new publication series, the CIFE Reports: research papers with a focus on European and International Affairs.

In the first CIFE Report on “China, Greece and the Port of Piraeus”, George Tzogopoulos, Senior Research Fellow at CIFE, aims at narrating the story of COSCO Shipping’s presence in Piraeus. He draws on data to assess the performance of the company and discusses the European and the local parameters.

The narration of this story can provide useful insights for the two sides involved as well as for the European Union noting that the investment of the Chinese company in the port of Piraeus is placed in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative and impacts on Sino-European relations.

In a period of tensions between the EU and China, Greece offers an interesting case study for analysis. The emblematic presence of COSCO Shipping in the port of Piraeus is perhaps the most important reason why China’s economic involvement in Greece is attracting the attention of politicians, scholars and the media.

Read or download the CIFE Report “China, Greece and the Port of Piraeus”

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