A Trimester Full of Visits in Tunis

Spending a term in Tunis not only offers the MAEIS Mediterranean Studies students the opportunity to study in a North African country, but it also allows them to gain a deeper insight into the cultural and political workings of Tunisia through a series of visits to official institutions, NGOs and cultural sites, organised by our partner Mahmoud El Materi University.

The term began with a visit-conference to the Medina in Tunis, where Mr Hatem Bourial, Tunisian writer, journalist and cultural mediator, explained the political, cultural and social history of the Medina from the 13th to the 20th century.

The students then had the chance to visit two local NGOs engaged in Tunisian civil society: Al-Bawsala and the Centre El-Kawakibi for democratic transition. They gained an insight into the workings of the NGOs and their ongoing projects.

This was followed by an engaging visit to the National Military Museum, where a military guide explained the historical context of the military in Tunisia.

A visit to the Cour des Comptes (Court of Accounts) offered an insight into the mission, the organisation, the vision and the strategic objectives of this institution that monitors public finances.

Finally, a meeting with Mr Mohamed Ali Boughdiri, Minister of Education, was organised at the Ministry of National Education. The Minister shared his ambitious vision for the future of education, highlighting the importance of pedagogical innovation, equal access to education and how best to adapt to the challenges of the 21st century. After this visit, the students moved on to the Centre national des technologies de l'éducation (National Centre for Educational Technologies), where they discovered the high resolution digital resources that aim to advance education through modern, well-equipped equipment.

Thank you to the Mahmoud El Materi University for organising these enriching excursions and to all the organisations that have welcomed our students throughout the term!

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