Learning and Living Europe and the Mediterranean: Round 2

In January, our Master students change their study locations, moving from one country to another.

The MAEIS European Integration and Global Studies students left behind the German capital for winter on the French Riviera, beginning with a guided tour of the Old Town and the Castle Hill. Meanwhile, the students of the Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance travelled in the opposite direction and are settling into life at the Studentendorf in Schlachtensee, Berlin.

The MAEIS Mediterranean Studies students have departed Nice to discover the other side of the Mediterranean in Tunis, with a range of meetings and visits already organised, including the Medina of Tunis, and the MAEIS Applied European Policy and Governance Studies students have begun classes at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

Changing places also means changing perspectives, seeing Europe from a different point of view. The student mobility integrated in all of our Master courses also symbolises the European added value of CIFE's programmes. We deliver higher education in a distinctly European way, which distinguishes us from national universities. Our students form a small, itinerant international community over one academic year, experiencing thus the challenges of diversity and tolerance. They are in constant dialogue with European policy-makers and practitioners, becoming closely connected to the professional work. European values are for our students not only an academic notion, but also a lived experience.

We wish them the best of luck for their second term and Happy New Year 2023!



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