Policy Paper CIFE Marhold ResearchTwenty statements, comments and opinions, based on genuine research, cover largely the wide range of Europe’s challenges over these years, in internal as well as external relations. Scholars from various European countries and scientific disciplines analyze and assess problems and solutions Europe faces and founds – that is the programme of CIFE’s bi-monthly online published policy papers.

Topical issues such as the EU’s combat against the financial, economic and public debt crisis, the Ukraine crisis, or the perspective of „Brexit“ (British withdrawal from the EU) are exposed and commented, in a reader friendly way, without undue simplification. Four categories allow more orientation in the complex network of challenges: (1) EU internal policies, institutions and system adaptation, (2) a look into several EU member states and their specific stance face to current problems, (3) EU external relations, to its neighborhood and in a global dimension, and (4) issues of International Relations on the whole depict a state of the art in European and global affairs in our times.

This book furnishes the first year’s collection of CIFE’s Policy Papers, which allows every reader to acquire an analytical and synthetical view of Europe in today’s globalized world

With contributions by: 
Laurent Baechler, Katrin Böttger, Anna Dimitrova, Susann Heinecke, András Inotai, Jaroslaw Janczak, Mathias Jopp, Arnaud Leconte, Hartmut Marhold, Philippe Maystadt, Michael Meimeth, Ryszard Piasecki, Funda Tekin, George N. Tzogopoulos, Jean-Claude Verez, Matthias Waechter

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