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Revue d'études sur la construction européenne et le fédéralisme

Journal of Studies on European Integration and Federalism

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L’Europe en formation n° 383-384 - Quarterly 58th year - Summer - Autumn 2017

Les perspectives de la zone euro
Perspectives for the Eurozone

Editor - Coordinateur : Hartmut Marhold & Jean-Claude Vérez
Jean Baechler - La « fin » de la construction européenne
Hartmut Marhold - La crise depuis dix ans, étapes
Ramona Coman - The legitimacy gaps of the European Semester: who decides, what and how
Christos V. Gortsos - A brief overview of the European Banking Union
Marko Lovec - Politics of setting an example: The European Banking Union and the case of Slovenia
Kyriakos Revelas - Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and Security and Defence Union (SDU) - Vitae parallelae?
Mathias Jopp - The Impact of Strengthening the €-Zone on the constitutional Architecture of the EU
Christian Schreinert - Euro area institutions and their legitimacy

Matthias Dold - The Fiscal Architecture of the United States - Lessons to be Learned
Jean-Claude Vérez - L’avenir de la zone Euro

Steve Lee - After the UK Referendum. What next for the EU? Can Britain remain? Urgent need for EU reform from the ground up

Hartmut Marhold
Review of Francesco Palermo and Karl Koessler: Comparative Federalism.
Constitutional Arrangements and Case Law Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law, vol. 19 Hart Publishing Oxford and Portland, Oregon, 2017

In memoriam
Soeren Keil - In memoriam : Michael Burgess
Hartmut Marhold - In memoriam : Arno Krause

L’Europe en formation n° 382 - Quarterly 58th year - Spring 2017

La présidence Trump: quels défis pour les États-Unis et l'Europe?
The Trump Presidency: What challenges for the United States and Europe?

Claude Nigoul - In memoriam : Mario Andrione


L’Europe en formation n° 381 - Quarterly 57th year - Autumn 2016

DOSSIER  -  Liberté - Freedom

Claude Nigoul - In memoriam : Marc Heim


L’Europe en formation n° 380 - Quarterly 57th year - Summer 2016

DOSSIER - Les politiques climatiques après la COP21 - Climate Policies after the COP21

Claude Nigoul - In memoriam : Jean-Pierre Gouzy


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