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L’Europe en formation n° 392 - Biannual 62nd year 2021/1


COVID-19 Crisis and Democracy in Europe - Crise COVID-19 et démocratie en Europe

Editor: Matthias Waechter

Matthias Waechter - Foreword
Martin O’Connor - The Scandal of Violent Death: Science, the State, and the War of Justifications in Coronavirus Public Policy
Mathias Jopp & Katrin Böttger - Germany’s 2020 EU-Council Presidency and the Return to Federalism in the COVID-19 Crisis
Ellen Bos & Kristina Kurze - On the Adoption of the EU’s New Rule of Law Conditionality Mechanism The COVID-19 Crisis as a Window of Opportunity

Hartmut Marhold - Le fédéralisme intégral

Ryszard Piasecki & Miron Wolnicki - The Post-Pandemic World: New Serious Challenges



Latest issues:


L’Europe en formation n° 391 - Biannual 61st year - July 2021

DOSSIER - EU-China Relations - Les relations sino-européennes

Editors: George N. Tzogopoulos



L’Europe en formation n° 390 - Biannual 61st year - Spring - Summer 2020

The Aftermath of the 2019 European Parliament Elections in Times of the covid-19 Crisis
Les suites des élections du Parlement européen de 2019 en temps de crise de la covid-19

Editors: Laurent Baechler & Matthias Waechter



L’Europe en formation n° 389 - Biannual 60th year - Automn-Winter 2019

DOSSIER - Towards a European Defence - Vers une défense européenne

Editors: Mathias Jopp & George N. Tzogopoulos



L’Europe en formation n° 388 - Biannual 60th year - Spring-Summer 2019

DOSSIER - L’avenir des relations UE-Afrique - The Future of EU-Africa Relations

Editors: Laurent Baechler & Jean-Claude Vérez


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