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Revue d'études sur la construction européenne et le fédéralisme - Journal of Studies on European Integration and Federalism

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L’Europe en formation n° 385 - Quarterly  59e year - Autumn 2018


Central Asia and the South Caucasus: The EU’s Involvement and Regional Perspectives
L’Asie centrale et le Caucase du Sud : l’engagement de l’UE et perspectives régionales

Editors - Coordinateurs : Mathias Jopp, Tatjana Kuhn & Janny Schulz
Preface – Why Focusing on the South Caucasus and Central Asia?

The EU and the South Caucasus
Laure Delcour & Katharina Hoffmann - The EU’s Policy in the South Caucasus
Tamar Gamkrelidze - The Changing Image of Russia in the European Project of Post-Soviet Georgia
Azad Garibov - Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey: Advancing the Military Dimension of the Trilateral Partnership

The EU and Central Asia
Katrin Böttger & Julian Plottka - A New Start for the EU Central Asia Policy in 2021? Current State, Developments and Perspectives for the Revision of the EU Central Asia Strategy
Zhanibek Arynov - Changing Perceptions of the European Union in Central Asia
Yvonne Braun - Islamism in Tajikistan and What the EU Can Do

Regional Perspectives
Sebastian Schiek - Uzbekistan’s Transformation from an “Old” to an “Upgraded” Autocracy
Jamshid Normatov - Uzbekistan’s Long Way to the World Trade Organization
Sholpan Tazabek - From the Soviet System to Bologna: A Critical Analysis of Doctoral Education Reforms in Kazakhstan
Gulzana Kurmanalieva - Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan: Endless Border Conflicts
Anastasia Vishnevskaya-Mann - Providing Security along the Silk Road: Bridging Russian and Chinese Security Concerns in Central Asia

L’Europe en formation n° 383-384 - Quarterly 58th year - Summer - Autumn 2017

Les perspectives de la zone euro
Perspectives for the Eurozone

In memoriam
Soeren Keil - In memoriam : Michael Burgess 

Hartmut Marhold - In memoriam : Arno Krause 


L’Europe en formation n° 382 - Quarterly 58th year - Spring 2017

La présidence Trump: quels défis pour les États-Unis et l'Europe?
The Trump Presidency: What challenges for the United States and Europe?

Claude Nigoul - In memoriam : Mario Andrione


L’Europe en formation n° 381 - Quarterly 57th year - Autumn 2016

DOSSIER  -  Liberté - Freedom

Claude Nigoul - In memoriam : Marc Heim


L’Europe en formation n° 380 - Quarterly 57th year - Summer 2016

DOSSIER - Les politiques climatiques après la COP21 - Climate Policies after the COP21

Claude Nigoul - In memoriam : Jean-Pierre Gouzy


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