Kialbek Temishev
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Kialbek Temishev is a PhD student at the Kyrgyz National University in Bishkek city (Kyrgyz Republic). He works as the Head of the Programme Unit at the World Food Programme in Bishkek. Mr. Temishev has a bachelor`s degree in law and English Language from the Osh State University. He received his first Master`s degree in Policy Studies at the University of Edinburgh (Great Britain) and a second Master`s degree in EU and Central Asia in the International System studies, which he earned from the Institut für Europäische Politik (Germany) upon successful completion of the EU and Volkswagen Foundation funded online study program. In 2020 he is completing his doctoral thesis on political development of Kyrgyzstan under the EUCACIS PhD Support Programme. His research interests include geopolitics in Central Asia, European integration, history and formation of statehood, public policy and state governance.


Curriculum vitae can be found here.

Doctoral Thesis

Topic: “Political development of Kyrgyzstan in English-American press: 2001-2012 years”

Supervisor: Dr. Nazira Momosheva


The study is a comprehensive analysis of political events in 2001-2012 in Kyrgyzstan during which the country has witnessed two coup d’états and bloody inter-ethnic conflict. The influence of these political events on the formation of statehood and nation-building in a small parliamentary republic is missing adequate analysis and public discourse. The existing analysis of above events is mostly based on Russian language media and lacks a holistic evaluation of the cause-effect dynamics in the political development of the country. Using historical research methods and qualitative comparative analysis of domestic and foreign media, the study has revealed major deviation in the interpretation about the events, their root causes and impact on political development of the country by domestic and foreign specialists. The study has integrated international expertise in English language media and improved comprehensive understanding of the political development of the country during 2001-2012. Important re-assessment for better understanding of major political events in the history of formation of contemporary statehood and nation building has produced valuable knowledge and practical recommendations for further stability, security and development of contemporary society.

Among major recommendations are the following:

1. Improve balance of power among three branches of power. Two coup d’etats in one of the post-Soviet countries as Kyrgyzstan have proved that young democracies need to ensure more balanced distribution of power. It is pivotal to guarantee that president, government and parliament serve as ‘a watchdog’ one after another to ensure true protection of people, society and country interests. It will reduce opportunity to abuse the power based on clanship, nepotism, corruption, political association.

2. Improve quality of governance and executive power. The life of society and quality of governance directly depends on the quality of persons making decisions in the country. To ensure better government decisions more educated and skilled persons to be brought to power. Reforms in the state cadres is required to attract practical experts, to make public decisions transparent and accountable. On the example of coup d’etats we see that mere ‘change of hats’ does not bring new people to decision making process. Event if it brings some refreshment in cadres, the system of Governance is not accountable and transparent.

3. Improve national security. State law enforcement organs have failed to protect the order and security of citizens in both coup d’etats in Kyrgyzstan. Repeated incidents of easy capture of weaponry and main state buildings (White House, Parliament, Prosecutor Office, Ministry of Interior) by protesters have proved the existing allegations of poor morale, low capacity and technical preparedness to perform law-enforcement functions to protect the peace and stability in the state. The revealed vulnerability of law-enforcement organs can encourage external political forces, criminal groups, radical and extremist religious movements for undertaking similar attempts for seizure of control in the country. National security doctrine to build the capacity of law-enforcement system requires very serious revision to ensure peace, stability and further development of Kyrgyzstan. To prevent terrorism, money laundering and transnational crimes very special attention to be paid to better sensitization of population and strict control over external finances incoming for unknown purposes.

4. Improve social-economic welfare of population. In both coup d’etats, poor and uneducated rural people have made the major mass of protesters. Rampant poverty, corruption and high prices can push more people to violation of the law and strikes against the Government. Simple strengthening of security will not yield the stability and development, unless the Government improves living conditions of population, their access to employment, education and health.

5. Improve transparency of public decision and dialogue with population.

6. Develop foreign policy concept to protect national interests.


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