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Albina Muratbekova obtained her PhD in Oriental Studies in 2019 at Al Farabi Kazakh National University. She holds an MSc in Regional Studies from Al Farabi Kazakh National University and a BSc with distinction in Regional Studies from Ablai Khan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages. She is a Fellow of the EUCACIS PhD support programme (2017-2019). She was also a Fudan Fellow in 2017, a visiting student of the Cambridge Central Asia Forum at the University of Cambridge in 2015-2016 along with being an exchange student of Lanzhou University in 2007-2008. Albina works as a research fellow at the Eurasian Research Institute and lecturer at the Ablai Khan University. Previously, she had worked at the international departments of Narxoz and AlmaU universities on the implementation of the internationalization strategy of the university.

Her research interests include foreign policy of China, China-India relations, and border issues in China-India relations.

Curriculum vitae can be found here.

Doctoral thesis

Topic: "China’s contemporary, social, and economic interaction with India in border areas: models and challenges

Supervisor: Dr. Yerekesheva Laura Gibratovna


China and India, being direct neighbors with the largest populations in the region, started their independent history at almost the same time, in 1949 and 1947 respectively. Both are ancient civilizations with a deep legacy of interaction in trade, historical and cultural exchange and diplomatic contacts. Yet, there are irreconcilable challenges that hamper China-India relations. One of them is border issues, which influence the development of bilateral cooperation.

Ms. Muratbekova’s research is on the study of China-India relations, their interaction in border areas, and the impact of Sino-Indian relations on Central Asia. China is a direct neighbor to the three Central Asian states and India determined the region as an “extended neighbor”. However, little research has been conducted to investigate deep relations between China and India from the Central Asian perspective that analyzes border issues as one of the most important “thorns” in bilateral cooperation and the impact of regional cooperation on Central Asia.


Peer-reviewed articles

Muratbekova, Albina (2018): The Sino-Indian border issue as a factor for the development of bilateral relations, in Asian Journal of Comparative Politics, online first edition, January 2017, available at:

Muratbekova, Albina (2017): From Asia to Eurasia: China and India interests in Central Asia, in KazNU Bulletin, International Relations and International Law Series, Vol. 1(77), pp. 19-27.

Muratbekova, Albina (2016): China-India border issue: causes of dispute and mechanisms for regulation, in News of the National Academy of Science of the RK, Vol. 2 (306). pp. 146-152.

Muratbekova, Albina (2015): Territorial dispute in Sino-Indian relations, in News of the National Academy of Science of the RK, Vol. 1(299). pp. 169-175.

Conference paper

Muratbekova, Albina (2017): China’s Strategy towards Kazakhstan before and after the Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative. Paper presented at the II Narxoz International Week, Narxoz University, Almaty, April 10-14, 2017.

Muratbekova, Albina (2016): China’s economic initiatives in Central Asian countries and its impact to Eurasian region. Paper presented at the Fifth Regional Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society, Kazan Federal University, Kazan, Russia, 2-4 June 2016.

Muratbekova, Albina (2016): One belt-One road: new vectors of interaction of South Asia. Paper presented at the International research conference “Economic belt of New Silk Road: cooperation and sustainability of neighboring countries”, Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, May 18-21, 2016.

Muratbekova, Albina (2016): The Sino-Indian relations: unresolved border issue and its impact on bilateral cooperation. . Paper presented at the Third Research Forum on Central Asia, University of Cambridge, UK, 11 March 2016.

Muratbekova, Albina (2016): Different Approaches to the Study of Territorial Dispute between China and India. Paper presented at the 18th International Conference on Political Sciences and International Relations, London, UK, 18 January 2016.

Muratbekova, Albina (2015): China-India: new paradigm of interaction. Paper presented at the XXII Lomonosov -2015 conference at Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, April 13-17, 2015.


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