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The summer programmes are of short duration, usually a week long, and take place over the summer months in various European countries. Their main objective is to allow students who have completed at least three years of university studies, researchers and young professionals to deepen their knowledge in the fields of European integration and international relations and to increase their understanding of the problems faced by modern society as a consequence of international developments. Topical themes are selected in close collaboration with partners in the host country.

Adriatic Sea Summer University
: Ljubljana (Slovenia)
TopicMigrations maritimes et terrestres vers l'Union européenne
Date:  30 June to 5 July 2019
Working language: French
ECTS credits: 4,5

Black Sea Summer University
Location: Tbilisi (Georgia)
Topic: Georgia in the enlarged Black Sea Region
Date: 8 to 14 July 2019
Working language: English
ECTS credits: 4,5

Summer University in Albania
Location: Shkoder (Albania)
Topic: Dynamics of city development
Date: 17 to 23 July 2019
Working language: English
ECTS credits: 4,5

Summer University in Romania and Bulgaria
Location: Bucarest / Slobozia (Romania) et Silistra (Bulgaria)
Topic: L'Europe en tant que communauté de droit : l'Europe en crise 
Date: 25 July to 1st August 2019
Working language: French
ECTS credits: 4,5

Balkans Summer University 
Location: Ohrid (North Macedonia)
Topic: Development in the Balkans Region: conflicts, economy, tourism, environment
Date: 9 to15 September 2019
Working language: English
ECTS credits: 4,5

Summer School in Prague
Location: Prague (Czech Republic)
Topic: Central Europe between EU and NATO
Date: 23 to 29 September 2019
Working language: English
ECTS credits: 4,5

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All our programmes can generate ECTS Credits (European credits transfer system)

The summer courses are a part of CIFE's core activities: the first summer university took place in 1961, in Aoste (Italy). Many followed since, in a variety of countries, in particular in Eastern Europe. 
CIFE organises these programmes in co-operation with one or several partners in each of the host countries. The summer courses welcome twenty to forty international students, on average. The working languages are French and English. The programmes consist of lectures, seminars, conferences and visits to various relevant institutions that help promote a better understanding of the political and cultural climate and the way of life in the respective host country. At the end of each programme participants may obtain ECTS credits. These summer courses are also an opportunity for our students to meet up with former participants from CIFE’s various programmes in their native countries.