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Location: Tbilisi - Georgia
Topic: Georgia in the enlarged Black Sea Region
Date: 8 to 14 July 2019
Working language: English

Prices: 450 euros according to conditions (courses, accommodation and visits)

Request for information            

Request for information  

Cultural visits of institutions and excursion could be proposed during the programme to discover the Georgian culture and way of life...

Composition of the group
The group is composed of about 20 participants from various countries, half from the host country and half from foreign countries.

The course is oriented towards undergraduate students, in their second and third year university studies, but we also consider applications from graduate students and from young professionals.

In partnership with Georgian Institute of Politics, Tbilisi


Candidates interested in this programme should send the form requesting information in order to receive the registration form.


CIFE continues developing its activities in the Black Sea Region. The Black Sea Summer University offers a programme in different countries around the Black Sea. Turkey (Izmir) was the location for the 2013's session in partnership with the Gediz University in Izmir. The location for 2014 was Bakou (Azerbaïjan).  From 2015 the location is Georgia.

Report of the 2019's session 

Contact: Marie-France PERDIGON
Director or the Summer University Programme