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Azad Garibov is a leading research fellow at the Foreign Policy Analysis Department of the SAM Center for Strategic Studies (Baku, Azerbaijan) as well as editor-in-chief of the Istanbul based biannual academic journal Caucasus International. He is also an adjunct faculty member of the department of Political Science and International Relations of Khazar University (Azerbaijan) where he teaches EU related courses such as the EU in global politics, comparative politics of European countries, and basics of EU law. He received a BA in International Relations from Baku State University and an MSc in International Politics from the University of Glasgow (UK). Azad Garibov is a frequent contributor to various electronic and printed academic journals and newspapers, including Eurasia Daily Monitor, The National Interest, and the Journal of Turkish Weekly. He co-edited and co-authored the book ‘The Caspian Sea Chess-Board: Geo-political, Geo-economic and Geo-strategic Analysis’, published jointly by SAM and the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (Milan, 2014). His areas of interest include politics and security issues in the South Caucasus and Central Asia, trans-Eurasian energy and transport corridors as well as Caspian affairs.

Curriculum vitae can be found here.

Doctoral thesis

Topic: “The Paradoxical Alliances: Threat Perception and Alliance Formation in the South Caucasus”

Supervisor: Prof. Hasan Alibayli


Despite holding similar positions in the international system by virtue of location, size, history, comparable political systems and ideologies, and involvement in inter and intra-state military conflicts, the alignment and alliance policies of the three South Caucasus states have significantly diverged since gaining independence. This doctoral thesis therefore examines the following questions: How do the South Caucasus states perceive major security threats and how do divergent threat perceptions shape different and often contradictory alliance and alignment policies in the region? The working hypothesis is that the complex interplay of multiple factors – such as varying capabilities, penetration by great powers, intra-regional enmities and conflicts, differences in national identities and ideologies, historical development and memory, and internal political considerations – generates divergent threat perceptions in the South Caucasus.


Monographs and edited volumes

Garibov, Azad; Contemporary Chinese Labor Migration and Its Public Perception in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan' in Marlene Laruelle (ed) China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Its Impact in Central Asia, George Washington University Central Asia Program, Washington D.C, 2018, pp. 143-153, http://centralasiaprogram.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/OBOR_Book_.pdf

Garibov, Azad; Understanding Azerbaijan's Foreign Policy: Relations with Regional Countries' (in Persian and Russian) in Vali Kaleji (ed) Iran and the South Caucasus Countries, Institute for Iran- Eurasia Studies, Tehran, pp. 2017, 14-33

Garibov, Azad/Frappi, Carlo (eds) (2014): Caspian Sea Chessboard: Geo-political, Geostrategic and Geo-economic Analysis. Milan: Egea Publications.

Other academic articles

Garibov, Azad; Trans-Caspian Cooperation: Overcoming the Curse of Landlockedness, SAM  Comments,  Baku,  Volume  XX22, 2017, 56 pages, http://sam.az/uploads/PDF/Trans-Caspian%20cooperation%20Overcoming%20the%20curse%20of%20landlockedness.pdf

Garibov, Azad (2015): Geopolitics of Transboundary Waters in Central Asia, in: Gurbanov, Araz (ed.): Global and Regional Hydropolitical Problems in the Context of International Cooperation and Security, Baku: ASTON Print, pp. 103-114.

Garibov, Azad (2014): Militarization of Caspian Sea: Naval Build-Up and Conflicting Interests, in: Garibov, Azad/Frappi, Carlo (eds): Caspian Sea Chessboard: Geo-political, Geostrategic and Geo-economic Analysis, Milan: Egea Publications, pp. 41-59.

Garibov, Azad (2014): Caspian Naval Build-up: Militarization and Arms Race, in: Valigi, M. (ed.): Caspian Security Issues: Conflicts, Cooperation and Energy Supplies (Social Sciences), Rome: Edizioni Epoke, pp. 85-100.

Online paper

Garibov, Azad (2015): Alignment and Alliance Policies in the South Caucasus Regional Security Complex, SAM Comments, Baku, Volume XV, 52 pages, available at:  http://sam.az/uploads/PDF/SAM%20COMMENTS-5.pdf

Garibov, Azad/Ibrahimov, Rovshan (2013): Geopolitical Competition in the Central Asia. The Dynamics of Relations with Azerbaijan, SAM Comments, Baku, Volume IX, 83 pages.

Journal Articles

Garibov, Azad (2016): The Trans-Caspian Corridor: Geopolitics of Transportation in Central Eurasia, Caucasus International, Istanbul, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp 67-83, available at: http://cijournal.az/post/the-trans-caspian-corridor-geopolitics-of-transportation-in-central-eurasia-azad-garibov

Garibov, Azad (2015): OSCE and Conflict Resolution in the Post-Soviet Area: The Case of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, Caucasus International, Istanbul, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 75-90, available at: http://cijournal.az/post/osce-and-conflict-resolution-in-the-post-soviet-area-the-case-of-   the-armenia-azerbaijan-nagorno-karabakh-conflict-azad-garibov-98

Garibov, Azad (2014): Central Asia-China Relations: Rise of Chine in the Region, Strategic Analysis Journal, Baku, Vol. 7-8, pp. 197-208, (in Azerbaijani) Available at: http://www.stj.sam.az/post/strateji-t%C9%99hlil-jurnal%C4%B1-7-8-2014

Garibov, Azad (2014): Deterrence and Terrorism: Can Terrorism Be Deterred?, Kazakhstan in International Processes, Almaty, No. 4 (42), pp. 96-105, (in Russian) available at: http://iwep.kz/files/attachments/article/2015-01-23/imep-4-2014.pdf

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Garibov, Azad (2013): The US Post-9/11 Nuclear Strategy and Its Security Implications for Russia, in: Geopolitica Magazine, Bucharest, Issue XI, No. 51 (2), pp. 100-107.

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Garibov, Azad (2012): The Main Determinants of the US NATO Enlargement Policy and Implications For the US-Russia Relations in: Journal of Law and Politology, Kishinyov, Issue 2, pp. 49-54.

Media contributions

Garibov, Azad (2016): Armenia and Azerbaijan Flex Military Muscles While Nagorno-Karabakh Peace Negotiations Stall, Eurasia Daily Monitor, Volume: 13 Issue: 190, December 5, 2016, available at: https://jamestown.org/program/armenia-azerbaijan-flex-military-muscles-nagorno-karabakh-peace-negotiations-stall/#sthash.NEo9mCGt.XgjzA6kC.dpuf

Garibov, Azad (2016): Armenia’s dangerous posturing sabotages Nagorno-Karabakh peace efforts, EuroActiv, 15 November 15, 2016, available at: https://www.euractiv.com/section/europe-s-east/opinion/armenias-dangerous-posturing-sabotages-nagorno-karabakh-peace-efforts/

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