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Revue d'études sur la construction européenne et le fédéralisme

Journal of Studies on European Integration and Federalism

L’Europe en formation n° 380
Quarterly 57th year - Summer 2016

Claude Nigoul
In memoriam : Jean-Pierre Gouzy

Les politiques climatiques après la COP21
Climate Policies after the COP21

Laurent Baechler - Introduction
Frederick Gordon - Climate Change Policies after the 2015 Paris Agreement
Fikret Adaman,  Murat Arsel - Climate Policy in Turkey: a Paradoxical Situation?
Alexander Gusev - Evolution of Russian Climate Policy: from the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris Agreement
Junjie Ma - Mission Possible: China’s Climate Change Policy after the Paris Agreement
Gustavo Sosa-Nunez,  Simone Lucatello - Analysing Political Discourse: Mexico’s Climate Change Policy

Jean-Pierre Gouzy
La vie politique en Europe et dans le monde

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