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CIFE EUropean Semester Texas A&M

Understanding Europe and the European Union is important for young leaders with high potential from around the globe. The European Union has evolved into an international player shaping the politics, economics and cultures of its member states and the surrounding regions.

Studying European Union politics in Berlin has several advantages:

  • Study with the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) – one of the most renowned institutions of high level academic teaching in Europe.
  • Profit from insights into European affairs of distinguished academic and professional experts.
  • Acquire invaluable global skills and knowledge through extended cross-cultural interaction with European faculty and European students at CIFE.
  • Gain expertise in European Studies and significantly improve your competitiveness in the international job market.

General Information

14-week program based in Berlin, one of Europe’s leading political centers, offering a rich multi-cultural environment for internationally oriented students.

The schedule is contoured to the Texas A&M spring semester:
January 22, 2018 - April 28, 2018

and for the Chinese students

January 29, 2018 - April 27, 2018.

Upon completion of the European Semester, you will earn up to 15 hours of transferable credits awarded by CIFE: 9 hours of political science, 3 hours of humanities electives and 3 hours of diversity.

Extensive courses in the fields of:

  • Contemporary European History
  • Political System of the EU and its Decision-Making Process
  • European Law
  • European Markets and Economy
  • European Identity, Culture and Integration


Study Trips & Excursions

Essential part of the program are visits to and meetings with various European institutions in Brussels (Belgium), Strasbourg (France) and Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) to learn directly from European Union decision-makers. 

During a five-day stay in Poznan (Poland) and a subsequent 5-day in the beautiful city of Budapest (Hungary), a unique insight into Central European politics will be offered.

Expeditions to historical and political sites like the Sanssouci Palace, the Berlin Wall Memorial, the German Ministry of Defense and the German Federal Parliament enrich your experience of Germany and Europe.


You are assisted and accompanied by CIFE staff throughout all activities of the program, including the field trips and excursions.

  • CIFE will organize group activities, such as city guided tours and group dinners.
  • CIFE provides fully furnished, fully equipped & centrally located apartments in Berlin.
  • A daily allowance for groceries is included in the program fee.
  • Public transport passes for the entire duration of your stay make sure you see the most of the city.
  • You gain access to the CIFE online learning management system.
  • CIFE will assist and support you with all administrative and personal issues.


  • This program is exclusively for students from Texas A&M University
  • The program is open to all majors Junior, Senior & Sophomore with a 2.0 minimum GPA.
  • All courses are taught in English. There are no additional language requirements or oher prerequisites.
  • Apply for the 2018 European Semester at Study Abroad


  • For inquiries concerning the compatibility of the program with your studies at Texas A&M University and scholarships contact your academic advisor Vince Hernandez: vhernandez@tamu.edu
  • For questions about the enrollment procedure contact your Study Abroad advisor Irene Scott: isscott@tamu.edu



Prof. John D. Robertson

Department of Political Science, Texas A&M University

The European Semester is an innovative and sound educational platform designed to deliver to Aggies a rich and robust cross-cultural European experience. It ensures a dynamic and rewarding social encounter through the interaction with European educators, policy makers and college-age youth, and a thorough and comprehensive introduction in the classroom and field to the history, culture, institutions and policies of the EU in particular, and the broader European governance system in general.


*This program is exclusively for students from Texas A&M University and for students from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

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